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The Tempest, Act IV, Scene I, line 70

A Masque. Enter IRIS.
Iris. Ceres, most bounteous lady, thy rich leas
Of wheat, rye, barley, vetches, oats, and peas;
Thy turfy mountains, where live nibbling sheep,
And flat meads thatch’d with stover, them to keep;
Thy banks with pioned and twilled brims,
Which spongy April at thy hest betrims,
To make cold nymphs chaste crowns; and thy broom groves,
Whose shadow the dismissed bachelor loves,
Being lass-lorn; thy pole-clipt vineyard;
And thy sea-marge, sterile and rocky-hard,
Where thou thyself dost air: the queen o’ the sky,
Whose watery arch and messenger am I,
Bids thee leave these; and with her sovereign grace,
Here on this grass-plot, in this very place,
To come and sport; her peacocks fly amain:
Approach, rich Ceres, her to entertain.
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Comments on this photo:

Jul 28 2005 01:53 GMT quelrida
beautiful colors
Jul 28 2005 02:16 GMT DGM
Wow very nice iris. I remember Van Gogh's painting
Jul 28 2005 02:39 GMT desa32
Actually I don't like flowers too much, but looking at this pic makes me change for a momment ... I think I'll love flowers whenever I look at this kind of pic.
Jul 28 2005 03:07 GMT Suze
Thanks. ^^ [And btw, I think I've found my new favorite flower~!]XD
Jul 28 2005 04:07 GMT Jabaloo
great colors!
Jul 28 2005 07:28 GMT jboia
Great colours. I like the tempest very much. My favourite quotation is, quoting by heart, when Prosperous's enemies say:"Burn his books first because without them he is but a sod!"
Jul 28 2005 09:26 GMT Paperinik962
Beautiful shot!
Jul 28 2005 09:54 GMT curves PRO
lovely girl of the dirt
Jul 28 2005 11:40 GMT lorri PRO
Outstanding work!!! I love it!!!
Jul 28 2005 13:24 GMT daelin
Great colors! Impressive :)
Jul 28 2005 14:28 GMT shine
really beautiful pic.
Jul 28 2005 14:59 GMT Simo PRO
Very very nice
Jul 28 2005 15:05 GMT Anieteke
Nice color indeed!
Jul 28 2005 16:52 GMT pinko

..great colors!..
Jul 28 2005 17:36 GMT Lensvision
This one is gorgeous.
Jul 28 2005 18:39 GMT Jah
Nice Shot and nice work....thanks for your coments and i lovely those colors..good job...keep shooting...See u!!
Jul 28 2005 20:16 GMT OutdoorExposure
wow...contract of yellow and purple is awesome:-)
Jul 28 2005 20:17 GMT lOolah
wooooow !! .. amaaaaaaaazing !! ..