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a repost of one of my fav photos ever - I never get tired of seeing it

Monument Friday - http://www.fotothing.com/FunFriday/

You can play too:

The Gateway Arch (http://www.nps.gov/jeff/index.htm) in St Louis at 630' tall is the tallest manmade monument in the US.

It was built as a commemoration to the Lewis and Clark Expedition commissoned by Thomas Jefferson. The intent was to start at St Louis and go westward looking for a northwest passage across the uncharted part of the Louisiana Purchase and explore and map it.

St Louis has since been known as the Gateway to the West, and the Arch is part of the Gateway Expansion Memorial.

It's outside is constructed of 2" stainless steel. The arch was assembled with both legs going at the same time. It was constructed by adding pre-built triangular sections.

The Arch is the same width as height. It forms two equalateral triangles back to back. In 150mph winds the top of the arch will only sway 9" either way.

Have a great Friday!!!!

(constructive critique is welcome)

coming soon -
Saturday 0915 - Great St Louis Balloon Race
Mon 09/03 we went to a small car show -
St Louis Air Show - from high up in the hills above the air field:
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Comments on this photo:

Nov 02 2007 06:43 GMT Midworlder PRO
Thanks for sharing something significant to you Bill
Nov 02 2007 06:48 GMT sini
Wonderful shot! Great entry!:)
Nov 02 2007 07:13 GMT csabi
beautiful entry !
Nov 02 2007 08:07 GMT alhoafun
I an see why its a fav -its now one of mine too. wonderful wonderful composition & light
Nov 02 2007 08:43 GMT Minz PRO
Nov 02 2007 08:59 GMT iyerhari
a great awareness and wonderful theme entry:)
Nov 02 2007 09:09 GMT Squirrel PRO
Outstanding monument.................
Nov 02 2007 09:18 GMT junne PRO
elegant and harmonious design!
Nov 02 2007 09:21 GMT Ciekee
I love it.
Nov 02 2007 09:25 GMT AlisonBelinda
I bet this is stunning to look at.
Nov 02 2007 09:27 GMT hanek
Thanks for your GREAT birthday wishes !!!!!
Nov 02 2007 10:25 GMT charlotte
Nov 02 2007 10:49 GMT abojovna PRO
Excelent shot and beautiful entry!
Nov 02 2007 11:25 GMT hans55 PRO
very good captured !!!
Nov 02 2007 11:58 GMT ashdad PRO
Beautiful monument!
Nov 02 2007 12:03 GMT jenylew
Excellent entry!
Nov 02 2007 12:18 GMT LizSA
perfect.. I love this as well... it is really amazing,, and we went down in it..
not up.. but it is unbelieveable to see it.. so very huge..!!
fantastice entry Bill...!
Nov 02 2007 13:27 GMT Nakolezestodoly
Artistic shot !!!
Nov 02 2007 13:41 GMT gilbertoxp
Wonderful entry......!!!!
Nov 02 2007 13:49 GMT senna3
Fantastic photo, excellent choice!
Nov 02 2007 14:00 GMT jomoud PRO
Great shot Bill.
The arch is truly a magnificent monument to the accomplishment of Lewis & Clark.
Having recently visited some of the sites along their journey, this monument is even more significant to me.
Great entry.
Have a fabulous weekend my friend.
Nov 02 2007 14:27 GMT Bali
Brilliant entry!!!!!!!!!!!
Nov 02 2007 14:28 GMT PaP67
imposing entry with a super tilt up !
Nov 02 2007 14:56 GMT YesHello
awesome shot!
Nov 02 2007 15:03 GMT LisaSam67
so cool
Nov 02 2007 15:04 GMT Poulet PRO
Superb capture!!
Wonderful shot and entry, Bill!!

Have a beautiful weekend to you and your family! :))
Nov 02 2007 15:55 GMT PhotoPro PRO
Alison - it is really so impressive in person, It's difficult to completely take in the total scope.
Being able to ride a tram inside to the very top with viewing windows is breath-taking
Nov 02 2007 15:58 GMT MillReef
Great shot !!!!
Nov 02 2007 17:44 GMT jamaboop
This is the BEST shot I have seen of the arch. Every time I have been close it's been cold and foggy and nasty weather! So it's a real treat to see this!! Thank you!!
Nov 02 2007 17:58 GMT Satto
Amazing entry...so very good and so clear....:-)
Great work PP:-)
Nov 02 2007 18:09 GMT 7den
A superb entry!
Nov 02 2007 20:19 GMT massaroco
gorgeous choice
Nov 02 2007 23:37 GMT ThorBeverley PRO
Beautiful picture!
Nov 03 2007 00:27 GMT megmet PRO
What a magnificent shot Bill....I won't get tired of this either so it's going into my favourites!

Have a great weekend. :-)
Nov 03 2007 01:18 GMT mickmusser
I agree! A real winner.
Nov 03 2007 03:11 GMT fhelsing PRO
that classic Arch!
Nov 03 2007 07:32 GMT paintpictures
great capture
Nov 03 2007 12:54 GMT Wildspirit PRO
One of the best artistic shots of the arch I've seen. Congrats!!
Nov 03 2007 19:55 GMT bennystr
Fabulous entry Bill!
Nov 03 2007 23:32 GMT aquiles PRO
Nov 04 2007 00:26 GMT jceca PRO
impressssssssive !!!!!!!!!
Nov 04 2007 19:36 GMT gtc126
Wonderful Shot....Super Angle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!