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some many beautiful flowers out there
anyone know what this one is called?

(constructive critique is welcome)
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Comments on this photo:

May 26 2007 05:11 GMT Poulet PRO
Lovely heart-shaped flower!
Beautiful colours, Bill. :))
May 26 2007 05:19 GMT Haw59 PRO
I don't know but it is beautiful.
May 26 2007 05:23 GMT ashdad PRO
Beautifully captured!
May 26 2007 05:46 GMT Midworlder PRO
Photopro-ous Macro-ous ??
May 26 2007 06:16 GMT hallo
Interesting :)
May 26 2007 07:49 GMT Adamus
May 26 2007 09:16 GMT Bali
Great work!!!!!!
May 26 2007 09:39 GMT gilbertoxp
Beautiful photo....great job....!!!
May 26 2007 12:02 GMT irashid
Wonderful work and excellent shot!!!
May 26 2007 14:16 GMT megmet PRO
It's a Cala Lily, they are more usually seen in white though this colour is now becoming quite popularů. Hope that helps.

May 26 2007 15:09 GMT PhotoPro PRO
thank you Meg.... that sounds familiar now
May 26 2007 16:25 GMT fredaH
beautiful shape and lovely pic.
May 26 2007 19:13 GMT korni
Very impressive series!
May 27 2007 13:26 GMT Bali
May 27 2007 20:26 GMT Macrat
Always subjective - but that is the beauty of photography - the 'middle bit' is well handled but imo you are short on DoF for the main part of the lily
May 27 2007 23:35 GMT PhotoPro PRO
Macrat - thank you for the feedback!
Unfortunately I couldn't have used a smaller aperature without using a tripod(didn't have time to set one up before church) because of the speed. Any slower and I would have been subject to shake, and I didn't want to push the iso for clarity reasons (and time - had to shoot quickly).
I quite often prefer a tight bokeh when shooting flowers to direct attention to one particular part of it. I find flowers completely in focus mostly boring - anyone can shoot that - and then it's just another lily. Just my preference anyhow. :)
May 28 2007 02:36 GMT junsjazz
that's right PP! as in many of my flower shots, I just focus on a particular part...with selective focus, this pic came out great!
May 28 2007 22:51 GMT Archer
Beautifully done PP!
May 29 2007 12:14 GMT Elise
very impressive:)