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you'd think Macy's would spring for their own balloon......

light photographer's best and worst friend!!! :-))

it was so windy - not all the balloons got fully inflated.... the ones that did would sway back and forth -- made for tough shooting conditions

The night before the Great Balloon Race (http://www.greatforestparkballoonrace.com ) is Balloon Glow. The balloons are all setup close together and as the sun goes down, every few minutes a horn would sound and all the balloons would open up their "burners" and would light up the entire balloon.

We started just as the sun was going down and continued into the dark. I had a tripod all ready to use, but when we got there and I saw the 70 balloons "very close" together and the 150,000 people there I made a quick decision to use a high ISO and shoot handheld so I could move freely among the balloons.

The down side to the 1600 ISO is the high amount of digital "noise" or "graininess" on the images. The upside is I was able to catch shots I wouldn't have had time to compose on the tripod, and didn't have to hassle with always having an unobstructed view..

We got to watch the balloons being inflated too!

This event took place in Forest Park (http://stlouis.missouri.org/citygov/parks/forestpark ) which is in the center of St Louis and is 40% bigger than Central Park in New York City.

Have a great week!!!!

(constructive critique is welcome)

coming soon -
Saturday 0915 - Great St Louis Balloon Race
Mon 09/03 we went to a small car show -
St Louis Air Show - from high up in the hills above the air field:
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Comments on this photo:

Oct 31 2007 22:01 GMT megmet PRO
Stunning shot Bill..!
Oct 31 2007 22:12 GMT marijke06
great night show!
Oct 31 2007 22:23 GMT Aviator
Oct 31 2007 22:41 GMT Midworlder PRO
Nicely illuminated
Oct 31 2007 22:46 GMT ashdad PRO
Still beautiful with the illumination!
Oct 31 2007 23:45 GMT bennystr
Excellent illumination indeed!
Nov 01 2007 00:36 GMT Tavascarow
Beautiful series.
Nov 01 2007 03:59 GMT fhelsing PRO
I like this balloon -- it looks like a light bulb!
Nov 01 2007 05:45 GMT fredaFunSite
happy halloween PP!!!!! i just came home from halloween party.
beautiful captures and series PP.
Nov 01 2007 19:32 GMT photomom
great shot
Nov 03 2007 12:02 GMT sweetjane