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stlouis river bridge usa us missouri


Bridge over the Missouri River in St Louis.

Does the road go right or left after the bridge???

For ashdad
See: http://www.fotothing.com/ashdad/photo/e4ad8e6695f7f9a53b9186b804137beb/
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Comments on this photo:

Aug 06 2005 22:28 GMT vanderzee
The road splits at the end of the bridge, it goes both ways for convenience.
If you stay to the right, it'll take you straight into Kansas city!
To the left, it'll head you toward Chicago.
You better gas up first though. LOL!
Aug 06 2005 22:30 GMT gr8ronkinroll PRO
Whoa! How'd you get everybody to stop like that? :)
I lived in St. Louis for a year. I was only 7. Don't remember much. Except I got to see Bob Gibson pitch. Funny, the things we remember.
Nice shot.
Aug 06 2005 22:59 GMT DGM
Nice shot! Drive carefully!
Aug 06 2005 23:07 GMT Paperinik962
Great photo!!
Aug 06 2005 23:07 GMT womipfu
donīt know.. Ive never been there.. ;-)))
Aug 07 2005 00:41 GMT shine
great composition
but safety driving!
Aug 07 2005 00:47 GMT curves PRO
Hate that drive...looks like your past the worse of it
Aug 07 2005 01:21 GMT Misato12k
I'm not sure, i've never been to St. Lewis :) Great picture though! it's like im in the car driving on that bridge too :)))
Aug 07 2005 01:38 GMT PhotoPro PRO
Watching Bob Gibson pitch was a dream. Back then, a game of his would last 1.5 hours!
Aug 07 2005 01:42 GMT Mickeymouse
thanks for the comment on my photo you do nice work ooh and thank you also for the welcome
Aug 07 2005 02:16 GMT TB
Intersting photo. I like the bridge arches. They remind me of the ramps on those trucks that carry new vehicles.
Aug 07 2005 02:20 GMT potterjo
You must of taken this early on a weekend, you seem to be lacking alot of other cars :)
Aug 07 2005 02:32 GMT PinkPepperPhoto PRO
From this point it looks like it goes into the water, it is blue over there!!! Wonderful perspective!!
Aug 07 2005 12:54 GMT bertel
Looks like a very big bridge. Has it 5 lanes in each direction ?/B
Aug 07 2005 21:52 GMT PhotoPro PRO
There are 5 lanes going in each direction (East/West). This is a new highway opened up to relieve traffic on the other e/w Hwy (4 miles north) at the intersection that carries the most traffic daily in Missouri!
Aug 07 2005 22:53 GMT ashdad PRO
Nice Bridge! See:


Only three lanes each direction; a little older--finished in 1959; and a little thicker.
Aug 09 2005 00:26 GMT zen
like the bridge in the reflection of the hood!