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2006 St Louis Airshow (http://www.stlcofair.org/)

I started this series with the most dramatic shot of the show. Now we are getting into the "core" of the show - the planes and jets... and of course the dramatic smoke.

I have a medical condition that causes hand tremors(shaking). I always have to make special compensations when I shoot for this. Focusing is almost always a nightmare - so you can imagine how difficult these action shots are for me. I am just pleased that they came out at all. One compensation I make is to take MANY photos of the same thing - then choose the best ones. So for this 3 hour show I shot +/- 800 shots! Unfortunately all the image stabilization I have tried doesn't help much. ;(

I hope you enjoy the show as much as Christopher and I did.

Best experienced at original size!

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Comments on this photo:

Sep 13 2006 18:52 GMT marijke06
I hope there was some time while you were there and yoy were not watching the show through your camera...:)))
nice series
Sep 13 2006 18:58 GMT Captivelight PRO
Envy... lol, I haven't seen a Phantom this year...love these planes.
Sep 13 2006 18:59 GMT Lensvision
Impressive plane.
Sep 13 2006 19:04 GMT Saturnius
excellent series of airplane
Sep 13 2006 20:44 GMT Ruedi PRO
Sep 13 2006 21:04 GMT 6734r
Sep 13 2006 21:13 GMT Minz PRO
Really great capture!
Sep 14 2006 15:06 GMT Wildspirit PRO
The McDonnell-Douglas F-4 Phantom II....the Spook! Those J-79s made smoke but also made an eerie sound, very distinctive. The Navy version we had in 1964 was the F-4B, one of the first converted to air to ground after the Gulf of Tonkin incident, Fighter Squadron 142 aboard the USS Constellation. Great bird, thanks for the memory!
Jul 27 2008 19:22 GMT smileymikey PRO
Phantoms I think are the most beautiful aircraft of all time ! I mostly loved the RAF FGR2 versions, Rolls Royce speys, ,, they produced an outstanding roar over the british sky's.
A truely fantastic aircraft and picture Photopro ! =]
Jul 27 2008 22:24 GMT PhotoPro PRO
thank you very much smileymikey!!