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car cars chrysler crossfire sportscar hot


I ran across this on the road last week - I think it looks cool!
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Comments on this photo:

Aug 15 2005 18:38 GMT bertel
I have seen a red one at the mercedes dealer. In Denmark the price is close to 100000usd. What about that !!!!/B
Aug 15 2005 18:49 GMT saboytjie
nice car...does look nice in white...
Aug 15 2005 19:02 GMT LittleOurkie PRO
wildly expensive, but supposedly so fun to drive
Aug 15 2005 19:06 GMT Lensvision
Looks flashy.
Aug 15 2005 19:12 GMT PhotoPro PRO
$100,00usd is a very expensive boat trip!!
Aug 15 2005 21:45 GMT blueberry
i want this car please!!!!
Aug 15 2005 21:54 GMT curves PRO
Wonder how it does on these dirt roads....might have to jack it up
Aug 15 2005 22:09 GMT TB
A $20,000 car will take you to the same places; and you'll have some cash to spend when you get there.
Aug 15 2005 23:46 GMT DGM
Aug 16 2005 03:29 GMT hippopotamus
Aug 16 2005 04:24 GMT gr8ronkinroll PRO
Surprisingly,I like my little gas "sipping" car so I can spend my money on things I don't need. :)
Aug 16 2005 04:51 GMT Maryg
Did it have to be white?...
Aug 16 2005 04:59 GMT Lex
I like to have a black one! :)
Aug 16 2005 10:16 GMT Misato12k
i dont know much about cars, but thats a really cool looking car! :D
Aug 16 2005 13:22 GMT shine
nice pic.
be careful////
Aug 16 2005 14:45 GMT bm4
Aug 16 2005 22:22 GMT PinkPepperPhoto PRO
OOOOOOooo boy, what a looker!! It would have been lost in my white dust!!
Aug 17 2005 00:17 GMT chubster PRO
It's a Chrysler Crossfire.
I don't like this version but the convertible looks cool.
Nov 18 2005 13:15 GMT nicoalfredo
it is a Chrysler ok