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For the many who have asked, a cheesy self portrait from today.
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Comments on this photo:

Aug 19 2005 11:59 GMT Anieteke
Hi Bill! Nice to meet you!

And those photos in the back, are they yours?
Aug 19 2005 12:04 GMT kosmos PRO
Hello! Nice to see you :)
Aug 19 2005 12:32 GMT TB
Hello PhotoPro,
Just to let you know, I'm really enjoying ALL your photos and I appreciate your comments. Very soon, you will be able to see my sorry face when I post the final photo from Baltimore.
Aug 19 2005 12:41 GMT hary
Hi Bill, thanks for your support to me. I feel great to become your friend.
Aug 19 2005 12:45 GMT hary
What about your family? i'm waiting...
Aug 19 2005 13:59 GMT vanderzee
Well,well,well...so this is the great photopro!

You have granted us lucky members, permission to look upon your earthly form, all we had known before, were "clouds".

This does come as quite a surprise!
I have to say, You're cooler than I had thought you were.
Oh great one, have mercy on us, we are not worthy to lay eyes upon such an expert "shudder bug"!

Just look at you standing there so majestically basking in that strange golden aura that emanates from all around you! (what is that wonderful super-natural glow?)

Anieteke,DavaoPhoenix, Kosmos, joe, T.B.,hary, Dom, and of course,myself...Vanderzee, we all take off our hats and we bow down to you sir.

Thank you for granting us this wonderful opportunity to lay eyes upon the man from cloud 9.
Some people will never know what you really look like, (Oh the humanity!)
We shall remember this day for ever and ever, in that we were the choosen few.

Sigh... unbelieveable!

Aug 19 2005 14:09 GMT bertel
Hello Sir Nice to meet you/ Bertel
Aug 19 2005 14:11 GMT porph
Hello PhotoPro, nice to meet you.
And thanks for your kindness to many of us.
Aug 19 2005 15:24 GMT maiylah
hello! :)
Aug 19 2005 16:35 GMT fotoloekb PRO
Aug 19 2005 16:45 GMT Anjelikka
Hi PhotoPro...nice to meet you
Aug 19 2005 17:44 GMT Lensvision
Hey Bill, nice to finally see you.
Aug 19 2005 18:04 GMT gr8ronkinroll PRO
There he is!
Care to join us at the "fotothingers" tag?
Aug 19 2005 18:11 GMT satomi
hello, PhotoPro
nice to see you :))
Aug 19 2005 18:11 GMT curves PRO
heheheheh....Hello there, did you just shave for this pic..............
Aug 19 2005 19:55 GMT blueberry
Aug 19 2005 21:42 GMT ranita
Aug 19 2005 23:34 GMT DGM
Hi Photopro aka Bill!

Nice to really see you!!
Aug 20 2005 01:41 GMT AmericanPainter
Nice to meet you....thanks for your kind comments
Aug 20 2005 02:25 GMT PhotoPro PRO
Both the photos behind me are digital photos I took, then had printed @ 20"x30".
Aug 20 2005 03:52 GMT ashdad PRO
Aug 20 2005 04:36 GMT AshleyChen
hello, photoPro, nice to meet ya !
Aug 20 2005 13:22 GMT PinkPepperPhoto PRO
Nice to meet you, Good Saturday morning!!
Aug 20 2005 16:32 GMT grenthal
nice to see you!
Aug 22 2005 05:38 GMT pinko

..Nice, I am glad to see you!:)..
Oct 30 2005 21:43 GMT JBW
nice to meet you!
and thanks for the many visits n comments :)
Nov 07 2005 02:30 GMT mavik
Hello, PhotoPro!
Nov 14 2007 03:41 GMT LisaSam67
hehe i like it!
Nov 14 2007 06:51 GMT PhotoPro PRO
this is ancient - wow .... I forgot about this one!!
Nov 14 2007 16:51 GMT LisaSam67
haha ya i was looking in the tags fotothingers and mybestportrait trying to find shots of my friends for a fotothing friends collage to hang in the livingroom hehe
Mar 02 2008 04:03 GMT aquiles PRO
Mar 02 2008 04:06 GMT PhotoPro PRO
Muchas gracias mi amigo!!
Mar 31 2008 18:03 GMT Wildspirit PRO
Great Portrait, Bill!
Sep 26 2008 05:54 GMT darya4
pleasure meeting you - Maryam Fl
Mar 05 2009 18:09 GMT PaP67
hello Bill....never too late to meet you !
Mar 01 2010 14:56 GMT gafaway
Happy Birthday Bill
Mar 01 2010 23:57 GMT PhotoPro PRO
Thank you very much gafaway!

It has been a great day for me.
Mar 14 2015 03:02 GMT martini957
Greetings my friend : ))
Apr 02 2015 09:25 GMT PhotoPro PRO
It took me awhile to sign in under my name - but thanks for the greetings!!