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stlouis missouri us usa STL airshow RedBaron airplanes precision flight bh 2007


Coming up Today and Saturday ;
****************************Fotothing Wedding!!! *****************************

Tomorrow, Saturday, June 7th, 2008 2 Fotothing members will tie the weddng knot
and the photos will be posted directly on Fotothing -
visit the bride and groom and give them best wishes:
http://www.fotothing.com/virginiabrill and


MYFAVOURITECOLRFRIDAY It's Friday so let's have fun!!!!

C'mon and play - no winners or losers ----- just lots of fun
Hope you have a great weekend!!


(constructive critique is welcome)


Small selection of downtown St Louis monuments and landmarks
a small car show
A tour of the St Louis Botanical Gardens
experiments with lights
experiments with splashes
2008 St Louis Orchid show
Snow sledders having fun
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Comments on this photo:

Jun 06 2008 17:42 GMT Lensvision
Great shot!!
Jun 06 2008 18:09 GMT marijke06
great capture!
Jun 06 2008 18:29 GMT otilia
Jun 06 2008 21:02 GMT Cooler PRO
Fantastic capture and series dear Bill ;-)))
Jun 06 2008 22:37 GMT junne PRO
Jun 06 2008 23:08 GMT jceca PRO
love these trails !!
Jun 07 2008 11:46 GMT megmet PRO
Wonderful image Bill.

Good luck with the wedding photo's.... :-)
Jun 07 2008 18:15 GMT Lalbabu
Watching your excellent acrobat series.
Jun 08 2008 02:08 GMT domesticfix PRO
Nice shot !!
Jun 08 2008 07:05 GMT bertel
fantastic series. I have enjoyed it so much
Jun 08 2008 19:29 GMT gtc126
Awesome Air Show Series!!!!!!
Jun 10 2008 20:42 GMT roncarlin PRO
I took flying lessions in 1962. Got to the point I was soloing. Went in the Navy shortly after and never got my license. There is nothing like being up in the plane all alone. There is a peaceful feeling about it. Your series on the air shows are wonderful.\
Ron C
Jun 10 2008 22:08 GMT PhotoPro PRO
thank you Ron!

I've always wanted to pilot. When I was a Senior in HS I went to the Air Force Recruting Office to see about opportunities (Vietnam was winding down, but it was still during he end of the draft so I could have been). When they said I had to have 20/20 unaided - I said I wasn't interested. He said but you can co-pilot, which is just as important and same opportunities. No - if I can't pilot and/or solo - no dice

I had already decided if I couldn't have my choice as a pilot AND billet - I wouldn't do it. I briefly considered the Marines (to join the Marine Band), but was told there was no guarantee, competition was fierce and there was a waiting list. That was the final straw for me - so I left ad decided to take my chances with the draft. My number didn't come up so my life went in a completely different way.

I still would like to pilot someday...:-))
Jun 22 2008 21:28 GMT haftlis
Beautiful series !!!