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March 1, 2006 - although it's no longer the 1st here at the time of this posting - I wanted to add this special pic.

Last night after the Ash Wednesday Service at church my fellow members of the choir surprised me with a huge cake and celebration for my birthday.

Well, the age in my profile is finally correct - that's right yesterday I turned 1/2 a century(50 sounds so much better).
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Comments on this photo:

Mar 02 2006 19:35 GMT Seraphael PRO
What a nice surprise! Cake looks delicious!
Mar 02 2006 19:41 GMT Grimacher PRO
That's a lovely surprise Bill. Hope you enjoyed it! :)
Mar 02 2006 20:10 GMT dega25
mmmmm i can taste it from here......... lol
Mar 02 2006 20:20 GMT PennyLane PRO
you have two names? :-)
Mar 02 2006 20:21 GMT Kriszti
you are well loved ..wish i could taste some ;p
Mar 02 2006 20:30 GMT PhotoPro PRO
It was going to be for Ron also, but he wasn't going to be there and the baker had already done the lettering. We both sing bass, sit next to each other and have the same birthday!
Mar 02 2006 20:32 GMT PhotoPro PRO
Kriszti, it was delicious. I guess i should say is delicious because we brought home what was leftover. :)
Mar 02 2006 20:39 GMT Kriszti
..i imagined it's chocolate flavour with those cream..yummy ..*swallowing*
Mar 02 2006 20:46 GMT Satto
Hurray...hurray...for PhotoPros day...:-)
Great cake...."mumms...mumms":-)
Mar 02 2006 21:02 GMT latif
Mar 02 2006 21:06 GMT korni
very nice surprise!
Mar 02 2006 21:40 GMT lizkasper
Happy Birthday!
Mar 02 2006 21:46 GMT Chez
Nice surprise ..... Many happy returns
Mar 02 2006 22:42 GMT ranita
Mar 03 2006 00:54 GMT Poulet PRO
Very nice surprised!! :))
Mar 03 2006 02:58 GMT Prikthai
A real american fat cake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LIKE IT`!!!!
Mar 03 2006 04:42 GMT Milibuh
God bless you !!!!!!!!! and have a happy day...
Mar 03 2006 05:09 GMT AmericanPainter
Photopro: What a great gift from the Choir! Choirs everywhere seem to have the greatest prople and are a family within thenselves - I sing bass and I love singing in the Choir but I'll bet you had a hard time convincing them you wern't a day over age 30!!!!
Mar 03 2006 07:20 GMT marijke06
send the wishes to Ron too...:))
did it taste well?...
Mar 03 2006 09:07 GMT Steve PRO
How lovely! Let me therefore be the LAST to wish you Happy Birthday, Bill!

Mar 03 2006 11:00 GMT mavik
Uupsss! I hope I'm not too late. BELATED HAPPY BIRTHDAY, PHOTOPRO! Please visit my site 'cause I have a gift for you. :)
Mar 03 2006 14:18 GMT kosmos PRO
Lovely cake!
Mar 03 2006 19:05 GMT fawn
Happy Birthday Photopro!
Mar 05 2006 13:03 GMT Katalak
happy birthday!!!
Mar 05 2006 21:34 GMT satomi
Happy birthday!! :D

wow... huuuuuuge cake!!
do u still have some for me?!

>>thank you for your comments:)