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Tags castle


Me at Carisbrooke Castle the other day. I used to work there and didn't realise how much I have missed the place.
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Comments on this photo:

Nov 08 2007 22:10 GMT Phoenix PRO
Just googled Garderobe, hee hee, I'm sitting on the bog!
Nov 09 2007 03:25 GMT tony PRO
Well, I guess you've found your niche.
Nov 09 2007 07:39 GMT stuboy
& very prim & proper you look sat on the bog.

I bet Sketty's the more, legs apart, knickers around the ankles, picking her nose, reading a magazine full of half naked men type isn't she ?

Maybe we could have night of the foil hats thing again but this time, we all show pictures of ourselves sat on the bog !

I game if everyone else is :))))))
Nov 09 2007 17:34 GMT Sketty PRO
Wot with me being a laydee an all, it has to be pointed out that I do not create waste products so therefore I have no use of a shitter myself.

As for this one, she looks very comfortable 'pon ye olde crapper
Nov 10 2007 10:43 GMT gilgamesh
I guess you just excrete bile via that foul mouth?

Stu's comments reminded me of an idea I had for 'pantsfriday' which involved FTers posting photos of their own pants around their ankles - but taken in 'interesting' and/or risque locations which, of course, would only be identifiable as such by the ground on which they were standing. I reckon it could make for a great coffee table art book, too. What do you think?
Nov 10 2007 15:11 GMT Sketty PRO
Due to 'all my issues' I refuse to comment on the grounds it might incriminate me
Nov 11 2007 02:15 GMT wifey
Sweet shot.