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Me celebrating my birthday yesterday.

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Comments on this photo:

Nov 10 2007 18:39 GMT Lens
happy birth day to you
Nov 10 2007 19:00 GMT hans55 PRO
let me guess .... 25 ???
a very happy birthday dear phoenix ... and many more to come !!!
Bottoms up !!
Nov 10 2007 19:08 GMT Sketty PRO
I just can't get over how shit-faced I ended up and you look as good as you did when we first went out!!
Nov 10 2007 21:37 GMT stuboy
Happy Birthday Phoe.
I did ask Sketty yesterday to tell you that but I think she was too pissed to pass the message on.
Nov 10 2007 22:22 GMT Phoenix PRO
Thank you my darlin'. Yes she was ratted last night!!!!!!! Still, it was a brill night.

I think birthdays are great - we should have them every year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nov 10 2007 22:26 GMT GeoffReeves
Happy birthday Phoenix :-)
Nov 11 2007 02:17 GMT wifey
Happy Birthday… belatedly… everyone ages but noone grows older!
Nov 11 2007 05:46 GMT Lucky222
Very happy birthday, you sure look + & +& + & + beautiful for being a year older...
Just remember that the older you get ..... you get to celebrate the birthday a lot longer...so be merry, be happy ....for at least a whole week..... LOL...
Nov 11 2007 06:33 GMT tony PRO
Oh, I like this pic. You look so natural and young. Must have been a great B-day, indeed. Cheers!
Nov 11 2007 12:11 GMT IanB PRO
Happy birthday Phoenix, and many more of them
Nov 11 2007 14:45 GMT Phoenix PRO
Thanks for your lovely comments. I feel younger already.
Nov 12 2007 17:22 GMT Steve PRO
Happy Birthday, Phoe!
Nov 13 2007 16:57 GMT simon PRO
Many happy ones. Glad to see there's at least one member of your household who can hold their booze.
Nov 14 2007 15:33 GMT Phoenix PRO
Feb 12 2010 13:50 GMT capcorse
Nah, you're eyes aren't glazed. Verdict: Not ratted.