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Skey photographed this guy on her camera phone ages ago whilst she was on the train, she just couldn't get over his medieval hairdo. Strangely I saw him today at 'Havant' Station and grabbed my camera. She will probably put up a link to her photo (I don't know how to do that) but how strange to see a true fan of an early Edmund Blackadder.....
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Comments on this photo:

Sep 13 2007 23:31 GMT stuboy
Yeah, I remember this dude.

So, he wasn't just having a bad hair day last time ?
Sep 13 2007 23:32 GMT ijbison PRO
Mr Cool / Mr Scary

Great tags btw :)
Sep 13 2007 23:35 GMT stuboy
Sep 14 2007 00:01 GMT Jagged PRO
I bet his Mum makes him wear it like that.
Sep 14 2007 00:39 GMT Phoenix PRO
Thanks Stuboy, yep the same guy. I secretly think she fancies him....

Jagged, can you imagine him Mum saying 'Right now Edmund, got straight to the Barbers and take this bowl with you'........... Jeez, the poor guy, he ain't gonna pull with tha hair...............apart from Sket maybe.... Oh, I'm, so dead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sep 14 2007 03:51 GMT wifey
My goodness… funny hair but I do like the height of 'im. :)
Sep 14 2007 04:10 GMT tony PRO
Looks more mod than medieval. He could be Pete Townshend in 1966.
Sep 14 2007 20:00 GMT Sketty PRO
Jeeeeeez, he IS real! I always thought he was a figment of both my imagination and my camera's memory
Sep 15 2007 00:41 GMT Miniwood PRO
Pete Townshend LOL

"Anyway anyhow any hair I choose..."
Sep 18 2007 06:38 GMT LizSA
:-)))) poor man... he is so tall...could have been Stu.. with a funny hairdo...or bad hair day.....:-)) ehhh... I am so dead...!
Sep 19 2007 20:47 GMT paparazziboy
..This isn't the result of living on a island for too long,when cousins marrie cousins and that sort of schtuff, I just think he is that bloke from Liverpool, the one that doesn't sing, but who has a twinbrother who is the drummer of a band, they don't know who their dad is, but they share the same mother..
Sep 19 2007 20:50 GMT paparazziboy
..he looks like my older brother..
Sep 20 2007 20:01 GMT fredaH
i like this live shot.
Sep 28 2007 01:01 GMT hans55 PRO
he sure looks like blackadder !! :-))
Sep 30 2007 12:45 GMT GeoffReeves
saves on paying for haircuts???