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Malcolm's in trouble again today. Fan belt turned inside out and shredded.
The AA man was there within minutes of the phone call - we realised that the AA must have one of their vans constantly following their best customer Malc!
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Comments on this photo:

Oct 19 2007 01:34 GMT Miniwood PRO
Now I know where they are when I call them and it takes three hours!
Oct 19 2007 10:17 GMT stuboy
Good old Malcolm up to his old tricks.

Sketty should have got herself a car like mine :)
Oct 19 2007 10:25 GMT RiverRabbit
Malcolm seems to have nice clean lines, that may reflect on his owner :-)
Oct 19 2007 14:32 GMT Phoenix PRO
Nahhhh. That's his owner putting him through a car wash 'cos she can't be arsed to clean him! :)
Oct 19 2007 15:56 GMT Steve PRO
Awwwwww poor old Malcolm! Cut him a bit of slack, he's getting on a bit now!

(And he's orange!) :-)
Oct 19 2007 16:54 GMT Sketty PRO
cut him some slack, CUT HIM SOME SLACK?!! I'll cut him some bloody slack on the end of my toe if he doesn't stop randomly breaking bits of himself. The anti-Herbie, that's what this little Orange git is!
Nov 01 2007 09:13 GMT Sheila PRO
I had a letter from the AA last year saying I had had my quota of call-outs (6 I think) and if I broke down again (or even if the car did!) they would make a charge for rescuing me!

The gutting thing was that a couple of those calls were my daughter with HER car , not me!
Feb 24 2008 21:07 GMT lexxa
Maybe Sketty should marry a AA man and get save calling.