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Yep, a little bit pissed, but a good night.
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Comments on this photo:

Nov 10 2007 22:37 GMT stuboy
You're never going to find yourself a nice man with that thing at the side of you.
Nov 10 2007 22:38 GMT Phoenix PRO
I Know, my conjoined twin is always a problem for me :-)
Nov 16 2007 20:33 GMT simon PRO
That claw hand again . .

I think I'd enjoy a session on the pish with you two.
Nov 18 2007 19:15 GMT Sketty PRO
On the pish, ME? I've never touched a drop of the demon brew in my entire life and any pictorial evidence to the contrary is just damned lies I tell ye!
Nov 18 2007 22:35 GMT Phoenix PRO
..............I can't let that pass..... On the way back from the pub pissed one night, she sat on the grass and wee'd on the grass. Killed an oak tree y'know!
Nov 21 2007 22:55 GMT Sketty PRO
You feckin fibber! I'll admit to leaving a big scorch mark in the grass but that oak tree was dead before I pissed next to it. There was a man I was running pathetically away from at the same time too I think
Nov 24 2007 02:05 GMT Phoenix PRO
Yes he was, he could see what you were doing and the steam coming off it!! It was a like a remake of The Fog!
Nov 24 2007 02:08 GMT Phoenix PRO
I'm so dead!!!!!
Feb 12 2010 13:52 GMT capcorse
Maybe a hint....but the Sket is glazed...verdict: pished.