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Gosh, I was about 18 here and really liked Toyah Willcox.  My friend did my face up, painted bird...


Gosh, I was about 18 here and really liked Toyah Willcox. My friend did my face up, painted birds and clouds, it looked pretty cool. God, the things we did in the eighties!!!!!
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Comments on this photo:

Oct 17 2004 21:55 GMT Pondy PRO
"We" did in the 80's??? ..

...oh alrite.. we..
Oct 17 2004 22:28 GMT Phoenix PRO
Yep, Pondy will know all about this, Orange was the colour, amongst others! I went to one of her gigs with red hair. Unfortunatly in those days it had to be food colouring from little bottles, took me ages but I think I looked cool. Thank god I've got no kids to take the piss!!!!
Oct 17 2004 23:26 GMT Sketty PRO
Orange hair? She's had orange, red, black, blonde. You name it, she's had that colour hair ;P
Oct 17 2004 23:30 GMT Jagged PRO
Oh god, even I died my hair orange in the 80's. The shame...
Oct 28 2004 02:48 GMT 0 PRO
I guess there are worse fashion misstatements one could make... er, ah... I can't think of any at the moment though...
Nov 13 2004 00:44 GMT PennyLane PRO
toyah wilcox - from the 80's?
never died my hair orange - tried to blonde it once and it didn't work - my hair was un-dyable :( jet black it was (and still is - save some gray that's creeping in :)
Jan 06 2005 23:57 GMT divina
Fantastic! you look like the girlfriend of Robert Smith..do you remember the Cure and Lullaby???? Do you???
Aug 18 2005 20:06 GMT bertel
Alice Cooper look ?????? LOL/B
Apr 28 2006 17:12 GMT gregoryb PRO
The Cure are cool :o)

Not really my thing but still good music.
Aug 09 2006 20:18 GMT McSwain
So what if I'm dying my hair! I still got a brain up there... (In my case: So what if I'm losing my hair....) Godd old Toyah. Nice picture!
Aug 12 2006 19:02 GMT capcorse
You look fantastic Phoenix - you have superb bone structure.
I love this Goth(esque) look. Hmmm, does that say a lot about my psyche?