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Jan06..1967..Leaving from Schiphol for a new country and a new life.
Lots of bumps in the road ,but all and all ,it has been a great ride!
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Comments on this photo:

Jul 31 2007 13:08 GMT jenylew
Well, look at you - gorgeous!
So glad you came...;-)
My Fav!
Jul 31 2007 13:18 GMT EuCarlosFilipe
That s life .....You lookk great in this picture and in fact the attitude is not of someone who is traveling ....is someone that is changing her life....curious!!!!
Jul 31 2007 13:35 GMT Kermit11
very cool...who took this photo of you coming off the plane????
Jul 31 2007 13:42 GMT hans55 PRO
great classic picture !! .... looks like a DC8 to me !! ... KLM ??
what was the reason to do this step for you ???
Jul 31 2007 14:00 GMT peterpinhole
Great memory pic...nice to see you!
Jul 31 2007 14:11 GMT Petra17
Yes Hans it was KLM...But look at the way we walked to the plane!!!
This was the 6th of January , when I came across the pond into Montreal the weather was slightly diffirent.
I wanted to learn to speak English and had decided to go for a year...
You know what happens after that...
You fall in love and before you know it 40 years have gone by and you are a very happy Oma..
Jul 31 2007 14:12 GMT Petra17
Thank EuCArlos, I was a litle apprehensive but it has been a very good life.
Jul 31 2007 14:13 GMT Petra17
It was a photographer that took my picture leaving Amsterdam...
It is cool isn"t it Kermit...
Jul 31 2007 14:13 GMT jomoud PRO
Wonderful photo Petra:). Great memory.
I did exactly the same as you. Also left from Schiphol for Montreal by KLM.
Only I had a wife and two little babies with us:)
Those babies have made me Opa in the meantime:):):)
Jul 31 2007 14:14 GMT Petra17
John ...life is great...
Jul 31 2007 14:32 GMT hans55 PRO
great story's !! from you both !! ... we have thought about going to Australia in 1980 ... but we didnt ... looking back i have not really regrets about it ... theres something all over the world ..that have i learned ... and we have a good life now also !!
I worked on DC8's when i started working for KLM ! .... i liked working on them fantastic airplanes !!
Jul 31 2007 14:50 GMT hallo
Wonderful young lady...great time!
Jul 31 2007 14:51 GMT rock
great memory!
Jul 31 2007 15:04 GMT Poulet PRO
Pretty and elegant portrait!! :))
Jul 31 2007 16:20 GMT gwen83
You look great, why did you go away??
Leuke kleren trouwens:))))
Jul 31 2007 16:45 GMT LisaSam67
wow this looks like a magazine ad!!! what a beautiful memory picture!
Jul 31 2007 16:47 GMT LisaSam67
ohhhhhh 2.5 months before I was born! That's so cool! and reading the comments it's so true that look of determination and being on the edge of new undiscovered paths in life! isn't LIFE a HOOT!!!!!!!!
Jul 31 2007 17:12 GMT JPHarr
Reminds me of the movie Catch Me If You Can.
Jul 31 2007 17:12 GMT Petra17
Thanks hallo ...it was a long time ago...
Jul 31 2007 17:24 GMT Petra17
Thanks...JP...it was time for a change!
Jul 31 2007 18:29 GMT gtc126
Super Entry...Great Memories!!!!!! Thanks for sharing!!!!
Jul 31 2007 18:30 GMT william22
Thanks gtc126 for visiting...
Jul 31 2007 19:15 GMT pp11364
Great memory shot.
Jul 31 2007 22:15 GMT Pietje
Wonderful entry Petra such a long time ago...............
Jul 31 2007 23:21 GMT Petra17
Thanks gwen...that was my favourite camelhair coat...not really camelhair but that was the style.
When I came to Montreal I needed boots , warm slacks ,long underwear and a good ski Jacket...
I guess I was a bit of an adventurer...
Aug 01 2007 11:08 GMT Aurelie444
Petra is great, cool and pretty!

Aug 01 2007 12:33 GMT Sweetoes PRO
Wow...wonderful entry Petra...look how pretty you are:-)))
Aug 01 2007 13:46 GMT senna3
Great memory of 40 years back, wonderful entry indeed!
Aug 02 2007 12:23 GMT Snappa
Great shot Petra..
Aug 26 2007 20:53 GMT Jaapie PRO
Reminds me of a song...."I'm 5, I'm 5. I'm a big girl now I'm 5!!!!!!!!"
Aug 26 2007 21:08 GMT Petra17
No kidding...I remember...she was adorable..and very smart...
And so where You!