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added a hand painting technique to this image in Photoshop, best viewed large and about 2 meteres back from your monitor
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Comments on this photo:

May 18 2012 10:35 GMT 25barb
Your suggestion - best viewed large and back from monitor is great...
You gave it an Old Master"s feeling of fine art. The colors are vivid and compliment each other nicely, Well composed and presented.
Fantastic photo.
May 18 2012 11:26 GMT abojovna PRO
I did that! Fantastic photo, technique and result. Beautiful abstract entry!
May 18 2012 12:05 GMT wijnie58
Beautiful work Peter...:-))
May 18 2012 12:30 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
Interesting effect - it makes an excellent abstract image!
May 18 2012 13:12 GMT martini957
Wow...this is so awesome...great job for the theme
May 18 2012 13:31 GMT senna3
Excellent work!
May 18 2012 14:27 GMT marijke06
great abstract
May 18 2012 15:23 GMT happysnaper
Brilliant work Peter.
May 18 2012 18:03 GMT elsje323
great work and entry
May 18 2012 19:48 GMT annaschnitfink
Very good! Especially when your advice is followed to take some distance!!!
Great entry to the theme.
May 19 2012 03:07 GMT Milibuh
Great abstract entry !!
May 19 2012 05:41 GMT MargNZ
Excellent effect for the theme Peter ... well done :)
May 28 2012 07:47 GMT twsottawan PRO
How large a print would you be able to make from this do you think. It shouldn't have the limitations of a photograph. In a very large frame and large canvas it would show well on a large wall space.
May 28 2012 08:09 GMT Petermosull
I'm not sure how far I could push this in size, as I took the original with my phone camera probably no more than A4, but I have other's - see:
that I took with a Canon EOS1D that I would have no problem getting a hard copy print of 20"x16" (50cmx40cm).
May 30 2012 10:57 GMT twsottawan PRO
I'm thinking the photo is just an outline of the image. The picture is really a graphic which is not subject to photographic noise, or the loss of quality from photographic enlargement due to low resolution. In the graphic version the noise, pixellation, aliasing etc could be elimninated very easily. The only limitation on size would then be RAM in your computer and CPU processing speed.