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This image compliments my first post here:
When I walked into the shop, looked to the left I saw the shop (as in my first post), when I looked to the right I saw this amazing kitchen scene!
Please look at the reflection in the mirror to the right of the fireplace, look at the other image & check out the reflection in the fridge.
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Comments on this photo:

Jun 02 2011 03:02 GMT larrybenedict
There is much to see in this photo.
Jun 02 2011 03:05 GMT larrybenedict
There is much to see in the photo, but the reflection in the mirror is the most sharply focused thing in the photo.....why is that?
Jun 02 2011 05:42 GMT Annamaria
There sure its lots to see in full size!! The owner is watching you, Peter!! ;-))

I love the coloured tiles on the floor....;-)
Jun 02 2011 06:47 GMT dpeteryes
Agree with Anna :-))
Jun 02 2011 07:30 GMT senna3
Amazing indeed, so many details to discover!
The reflection is amazing too. This photo should get the tag reflectionthursday!
Jun 02 2011 10:38 GMT Petermosull
Thanks Larry, I hadn't intended it to be the sharpest. I just wanted to convey how the two images, while both so differant were actually in the same one room. That's why I created the reflection's in each picture. The one on the wall in the kitchen scene was actually originally a picture, I used it to create the mirror effect & because there is so much happening in both images I wanted the effect to be subtle.
Jun 02 2011 10:45 GMT Petermosull
Thank you Anna, I had the two picture's in an exhibition of my work at the Siamsa Tire Theatre & Gallery a couple of years ago. On the opening night one of the local Priest's came up to me & told me the man was his Father. Of course I had copy's printed & framed & I gave them too him. Looking at the kitchen scene after meeting the priest I noticed that there is many religious pictures in the room, obviously had an influence on the young priest when he was growing up in this wonderfull place.

Check out:
Jun 02 2011 12:55 GMT julie13
I spent ages looking at this picture last night, and ages looking at it this morning. it is absolutely fascinating
Jun 02 2011 13:12 GMT Petermosull
Thank you Julie, I still find something new to see every time I look at it! I'm heading up to Clare & the Burren next week to shoot some of the wild flowers that are so unique to that area & I fully intend to re-visit this shop.
Jun 02 2011 13:30 GMT Annamaria
Thanks for the link, peter! There is a lot of dancing going on..... looks like a great place to enjoy special events. Are you living in that city?
Jun 02 2011 13:45 GMT Petermosull
Thanks Anna, I live about 20 Kms from Tralee, in a place called Laughtacallow on the Dingle Peninsula near Inch beach. In Irish it's Leacht a' chala, which means 'monument of the marsh or land verging on water'. If you have Google earth check it out, my home is near a quay on the banks of the river Maine.
Jun 02 2011 14:10 GMT Annamaria
It sounds like a great place, Peter!! AND its near a beach.... what could be more beautiful! ;-)) Close to nature.... all your pictures show beautiful surroundings...;-)
Jun 02 2011 16:50 GMT markkirby
Another great capture,like going back in time !!!!!