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Post Box in the wall in Ballyfinane village. Look at the Crown and V R symbol on the box. A throw back to when Queen victoria was on the throne and Ireland was subject to British rule. Back in the 70's when I was living in the UK I came home to Ireland on Holiday. I took a similar photograph to this & on returning home handed the film in to be developed. It was at the end of March & I waited till April 1st to collect my photo's. I then complained to the lab that my Red post box was printed green! Got some good mileage out of the photo lab staff before they realised what I was up to!!!!!
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Comments on this photo:

May 28 2011 00:41 GMT T1MELESS PRO
Nice one and a great story.!!
May 28 2011 02:02 GMT porph
a real work of art, buddy...
(the red turning green original might work so well with Christie's these days)
May 28 2011 02:21 GMT larrybenedict
I wonder why Green is associated with Ireland "The Emerald Isle?" Blue is associated with St. Patrick, Orange with the Irish Protestants. What can you say about it Peter?
May 28 2011 04:37 GMT sini
Great image and colour!:)
May 28 2011 04:41 GMT csabi
great shot
May 28 2011 06:06 GMT senna3
Nice story, perfect illustration!
May 28 2011 06:51 GMT geobak
Thank you Peter. That's me getting older.
May 28 2011 07:48 GMT Annamaria
Thats a beautiful postbox, Peter!! Great story to go with it...;-))
May 28 2011 08:30 GMT loverboy
Emerald green of Ireland nice 1 Peter............Tony
May 28 2011 08:32 GMT skyball
Interesting shot and story Peter!!!!!.......
May 28 2011 09:57 GMT Petermosull
Thanks Larry, the Green, or more often reffered, the emerald green stems from the topography of the whole country, Up untill about 800 years ago 60% more of the land was covered in forrestry, the rest was green pastures or grass covered bog land, which basically meant that wherever you went you would see green & so Ireland became known amoungst early travelers as the green land. Over 800 years ago there would have been no real national identity, rather many clans & kingdoms accross the land. These clans would have had there own standards or flags' the best example of which is the Flag of Ulster which originally represented the O'Niel clan. Throughout the fowwlowing 800 years I reland was under Brirish rule and the cross of St. Patrick is represented in the British Union Jack. Throughout Ireland's long and often bloddy strugle for independance two flags were prominant among republicans, A green flag with a gold harp the most common and a blue flag with the Plough & Stars. After the Easter 1916 rising and as Independance drew near, and because at that time & really for the first time there was real conflict between Catholic & Protestant A flag was designed to represent Green for the mostly Catholic nationalists, Orange to represent William of Orange and the standard Irish protastants (who still wished to stay loyal to the British crown) carried & white between to represent peace between the two. The Green White & Orange tricolour was adopted as the flag of the Irish republic. If you saw any footage of the Bristish Queen's recent visit here you will have noticed that whereever she went or whatever mode of transport she used a flag was put up to show that the Queen was inside. This is known as the Royal Standard and is always on the mast wherever the Queen is. It is a quartered flag which each section representing; England, Scotland, Wales & Ireland, Ireland being depicted with a Gold Harp.
May 28 2011 10:00 GMT marijke06
;-)) and nice green too :)
May 28 2011 10:42 GMT FLUMP
What a fascinating history...you have even made a post box exciting!!
May 28 2011 10:53 GMT MargNZ
Excellent shot and story telling Peter .. thanks for the info :))
May 29 2011 18:48 GMT larrybenedict
That was a great answer to my question Peter. Thank You for that bit of history telling.