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The Fuchsia was named after the German botanist, Leonhart Fuchs (1501-1566) and is a large genus of shrubs which originated mainly in South America. There are very many variations.

It’s common name is Fushsia, the scientific name Fushsia magellanica, in Irish it is called Fiúise and it belongs to the family group; Onagraceae.

All along the roadways of the south-west of Ireland, on slender arching stalks the beautiful Fuchsia flowers colour the hedgerows from July to October with their rich hues. These are deciduous shrubs, only reaching to about 1.5m, which favour coastal locations and rocky ground. The flowers (2cm long) are bell-shaped and have four violet petals which are surrounded by four large, pointed red sepals, rather like a ballerina with a crimson skirt, purple petticoat and long, long, slightly uneven, legs. The grey/green leaves are ovate and toothed and the fruits are black, fleshy berries in autumn. This is not a native plant - is rather the result of planted hedges which have sent out their 'escapes' - but is not regarded as an alien species in the same way as Himalayan Balsam or Japanese Knotweed, having been a familiar sight for a lot longer.
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Comments on this photo:

Jun 08 2011 18:16 GMT Donjames
A beauty......
Jun 08 2011 18:29 GMT Pea2007
Interesting shrub and image.
Jun 08 2011 18:33 GMT psb64
nice shot
Jun 08 2011 18:33 GMT julie13
Stunning photo, I love these flowers. Julie
Jun 08 2011 18:56 GMT Annamaria
Fuchsia's are beautiful!! And there are so many differents ones.... nice shot, peter!!
Love the sky in the background...;-)
Jun 08 2011 18:57 GMT FLUMP
They are such pretty flowers..i love the bright red against the sky, a great contrast
Jun 08 2011 19:01 GMT bandsix
lovely shot!
Jun 08 2011 19:15 GMT Squirrel PRO
Very beautiful...........................................
Jun 08 2011 19:16 GMT georg1951
nice flowers
Jun 08 2011 20:36 GMT Ini
Beautiful !!!
Jun 09 2011 01:36 GMT Studio88
Looks like Fushsia has a Hangover - Very Beautiful ;-)
Jun 09 2011 21:52 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
Great photo. Fuchsias are so photogenic!
Jun 25 2011 16:51 GMT Elly
Very nice.
when I was in ireland (1981) I saw these hedges and I liked them very much!
I bought myself a couple of different fuchsias. And the Fushsia magellanica in white version. I hope it will flower soon.
Jun 25 2011 16:54 GMT Petermosull
Thank you Elly, another month and they should be in full bloom
Jul 24 2011 09:32 GMT Elly
Peter, are they in full bloom yet?
Jul 24 2011 12:46 GMT Petermosull
In the Western coastal areas they are almost there, it will be about another month inland. Where I live, in Co. Kerry they will stay flowering untill the end of November.