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Comments on this photo:

Jun 02 2011 13:26 GMT EyesSetToKill
I really like this! Lovely photo. :) ~ Alexis
Jun 02 2011 13:36 GMT senna3
Fascinating reflections, perfect entry!
Jun 02 2011 13:36 GMT Petermosull
Thank you marscolony, the frame is a bit twee I agree, I have some much better, more creative & relevant borders on other posts I have on here, I was just being lazy, so I just used the 'Extend Canvas' tool in Photoshop for this one! I do like to present my imiges here with a border, rather than just stick them up, but a bit more effort might have been better employed here.
Jun 02 2011 13:41 GMT skyball
Beautiful entry!!!!!!....
Jun 02 2011 13:42 GMT julie13
Great photo, and I like the frame! Julie
Jun 02 2011 13:59 GMT peterpinhole
Beautiful place and an excellent entry Peter!
Jun 02 2011 14:14 GMT Icandoit
An absolute bobby dazzler
Jun 02 2011 14:16 GMT Annamaria
Lovely picture, peter! To be honest I like the frame but I think the reflections are a bit too pledget.... i don't know if its the right word.... hope you don't mind...;-(
Jun 02 2011 14:24 GMT Petermosull
Thanks Anna, of course I don't mind, that's what we are all doing on here! Comments, opinions & critism is alway's appreciated. I view Photography as a tool of communication, I like to communicate to the viewer what I saw & felt at the time I created the image, but as a visual art form it will alway's be subjective, I may see an image that I adore, but you may not like it al all, or vice versa I may not like an image you think is great. But, I find great inspiration when I look at other's images. Often they ask questions that get me thinking about what was recorded, how it was recorded & what the author is trying to communicate. Not to sure about the word 'pledget'! not a word I know.
Jun 02 2011 14:42 GMT Donjames
Great just the way it is, I say post what you feel happy with, but take note of comments.
"Pledget" = small wad of lint.
Jun 02 2011 14:46 GMT Petermosull
Thanks Don, I agree completely, I take my pictures for ME, I like to share them on here but will alway's accept that just as there are image's by other's that I don't really like, other's must feel the same about mine. As I said to Anna, it is so subjective & that's the beauty of it all!
Jun 02 2011 14:52 GMT Donjames
I agree completely Peter
Jun 02 2011 15:03 GMT Annamaria
I agree fully with what you say, peter! A picture gives a different feeling for every one;-)

I wanted to find a word like "cotton wool"... the translationsite gave me "pledget".... it sometimes is difficult if its not your own language...;-0
Jun 02 2011 15:17 GMT Petermosull
Thanks again Anna, know exactly what you mean about translation's, God knows I get stuck with English, let alone another language! I think Cotton Wool actually really sums up the reflection. I have to be honest here, the reflection did not exhist ever! It's Photoshop! I will send you an e-mail with some notes I used in the night class I teach showing just how I did this. Your perception of the image really is spot on, no matter how much you try to create something using software, if it wasn't there in the first place it will alway's look false! You have found me out!!! And I think with my best efforts to exploit photoshop, you are right in what you say, the more I look at it, the more I realise that 'Cotton Wool' is about the best description you could put on it.
For translation's (sometime's FT members caption or describe pics in thier own language & I want to know what they are saying) I use this site:
Jun 02 2011 18:27 GMT Annamaria
Thanks again Peter! Your site looks very handy to translate sentences.... The site I use is http://www.mijnwoordenboek.nl/ but thats only for translating words.

You say you have made the reflections yourself!! That is awesome..... its too much credit that I have found it out.... never would have thought that!!

I sometime envy (just a bit) people who are so artistic like you are and pe. DonJames with his GIMP fractiles....;-)) I am looking forward to your notes....
Jun 03 2011 00:35 GMT maria123
very nice reflections!
Jun 03 2011 15:05 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
An attractive and striking image, and I see you created the reflections yourself - very clever!
Jun 05 2011 20:59 GMT Marslima
superbe picture
Jun 05 2011 21:37 GMT georg1951
Beautiful clouds and sky.
Oct 26 2011 22:09 GMT legs4daze PRO
interesting photograph and VERY interesting string of comments, from the frame to the reflection... you took the hits here ;o))
Oct 27 2011 01:09 GMT Petermosull
Thank you Stephanie, I love it when an image creates a debate, it makes you feel as if you have done somethin right