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Shopkeeper in traditional shop in rural Co. Clare, Ireland

Check out the reflection in the fridge on the bottom right, then check out:
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Comments on this photo:

May 18 2011 16:25 GMT Annamaria
Nice little supermarket...;-))
May 28 2011 12:28 GMT getouttaherejeff
This is wonderful! I want to shop here!!
May 28 2011 22:27 GMT Petermosull
thanks, the shop is still open so when you get here........
Jun 01 2011 22:17 GMT Weesue
Welcome to fotothing.
Jun 01 2011 22:39 GMT Petermosull
Thank you Weesue, I have been around FT for a while (over two years) but a couple of months ago I couldn't log on, it kept telling me my user name didn't exist! I contacted admin but never gor a reply! So, rather than loose all the great friends I had made I just started from scratch again. Since coming back I have discovered this has happened to quite a lot of users. I am aware that a lot of members have voiced concerns about the site, the admin, it's failure to update etc. but I feel it is about the members, we share images, we can all explore the world from our own homes through the eye's & lenses of fellow users, this is why I joined in the first place.
Jun 02 2011 03:01 GMT larrybenedict
I haven't figured out how you got the angles just right without being in the photo...luck of the Irish maybe :-) The shopkeeper looks like an interesting fellow.
Jun 02 2011 07:28 GMT senna3
Looks very authentic!
Such traditional shops hardly exist anymore in the Netherlands.
Jun 02 2011 10:30 GMT Petermosull
Thank you senna3, they are dissapearing all to fast here to! I live in a rural area, 4Kms from my nearest shop, in a small village (one church, one shop & two pubs) called Boolteens. A trip to the shop for a litre of milk usually entails a half hour in the shop! The lady who runs it just loves to talk!
Jun 02 2011 14:10 GMT senna3
Just as it used to be just after the war in the little village (Oostvoorne) where I spent a year with my grandparents. Thinking back at that time awakes nostalgic feelings!
Jun 18 2011 20:44 GMT 020656
Great image of a rare find
Jul 03 2011 23:00 GMT elbeaver
Welcome to FT
Jul 03 2011 23:08 GMT Petermosull
Thank you elbeaver, as I said to Weesue above, I have been around here for a while