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A sign at Walmart in St. Clairesville, Ohio. See anything wrong?
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Comments on this photo:

Jul 18 2007 00:41 GMT juanse
Wallmart is the devil.
Jul 18 2007 00:45 GMT PennyLane PRO
that is so true!! i've only been in wallmart maybe 6 times in my life. that's plenty!
Jul 18 2007 00:46 GMT Poulet PRO
Jul 18 2007 01:02 GMT Pueo PRO
They must not have been using their Computor's spell check to make those signs.

Good to see you back PL!
Jul 18 2007 01:08 GMT Roadiepig PRO
I guess it depends on what you use your IBM fer?
Jul 18 2007 02:10 GMT ajft PRO
Jul 18 2007 02:21 GMT Molly PRO
Ooops. I guess they left out the dictionaries in the eastern part of the state.
Jul 18 2007 15:32 GMT jomoud PRO
I just love those computOrs:):):):):):)
they are much and much gooder than just ordinary computers:)
Jul 18 2007 16:34 GMT Lensvision
Where did this person learn to spell!!!!!!
Jul 18 2007 19:50 GMT simon PRO
I spent a while 'collecting' stuff like this.

Well spotted.
Jul 18 2007 21:21 GMT bennystr
Great one!
Jul 19 2007 00:59 GMT curves PRO
The only real thing wrong with this is that your in St. Clairesville, Ohio.
Jul 27 2007 11:14 GMT jamers
I know why Walmart can offer always low prices and that's wrong about it in the first place.
Aug 04 2007 03:44 GMT GRAMPIE PRO
abas le walmart, killer of small business in america....
Sep 03 2007 05:55 GMT Maryg
Maybe they use low-wage immigrant labor (with low english skills...)
And thatīs how they have "Always Low Prices"!
Sep 09 2007 11:28 GMT Misato12k
LOL computOr!!! ughhh i dont like wallmart either,,, if i go there its in-and-out as fast as possible!!!
Sep 12 2007 17:31 GMT marijke06
computors are the baest :)))
Oct 23 2007 19:49 GMT Grimacher PRO
Hey...just spotted you online. Haven't seen you in ages. Hope things are going well for you :)
Nov 04 2007 10:44 GMT styxpix
Haha! and legal pads???some sort of personal hygene for lawyers?
Low prices, low wages, low everything!
Nov 16 2007 06:10 GMT redbeautifulhead
Nov 19 2007 13:48 GMT hevychevy PRO
nice catch Penny we will send them a dictionary maybe they so cheap thier's not complete :) LOL
Sep 12 2008 20:45 GMT Nodster
Walmart don't spell it wrong once, but twice for the same price, now that is value for money!