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Tags spammers


A warning to SPAMMERS.....you will be removed.
224 SPAMMERS were removed since 10.12.2015. more to follow.
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Comments on this photo:

Feb 08 2016 13:38 GMT hans55 PRO
Feb 08 2016 17:34 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
Well done, Peter! I've had three removed in the past week - the ones who leave rubbish as "comments".

To anyone who's not sure what to do: send a link to the targeted photo (including spam) to abuse@advfn.com and ask them to remove the offender. They'll normally do it within a day or two.

Peter, if you become a Pro member, you can also have the fun of annoying spam posters by classifying their photos as illegal and zapping them as they appear. Several of us are already doing this.
You only need to pay for one month's membership. That's one advantage of having an admin that couldn't care less - they'll probably never notice and change your status back to that of a normal member!
Feb 08 2016 18:58 GMT Pea2007
Hi Sylvia.............the disadvantage of classifying their photos as illegal is that they still have their accounts afterwards but I am sure it still has a good effect , most of the 224 I have reported lost their accounts altogether.
I believe what we are doing is a good thing but we should stand together as a team
and get rid of the dam pests altogether.
Yes Sylvia I will look into that Pro membership.
Feb 08 2016 22:49 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
Yes Peter, I know it's best to get their accounts deleted, and I've often sent lists of spam posters to the above address - with varying degrees of success. Once or twice they obligingly deleted 30 or 40 in one go, other times about half of them and sometimes ignored my request altogether. But I hadn't sent in any for a few months (apart from the ones writing "comments") so have just tried again with a list of 30. Let's see how that goes!
Feb 08 2016 23:11 GMT Pea2007
I have never sent more than 10 - 15 at one time ,Friday seems to be a bad day to send.
The list I sent last Friday were removed only today, if some were not removed I resent them .
The best time to look is around 8 in the morning.
Good luck with your removing.
19 hours ago junne PRO
i am doing my part and often spend an hour or so on getting them gone. their removal doesn't work. the moment their account is deleted they are back under a different name. i have yard long spam under any of my photos as comment. i delete them immediately but they are back right away. seems like they have nothing better to do or they do it just to spite us.
12 hours ago Pea2007
I spend no more than ten minutes everyday getting rid of these pests.
I have seen they come back but that will not change untill Fotothing change their ideas on new admissions.
I have never had spam under my photos.
Keep up the good work Gunter.
4 hours ago mickmusser