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Lucky (?) me staying nearly all the time in my bed !! ;~((

In fact my ankle joint and fibula are broken. My understanding last Saturday in the clinic was completely wrong. But no operation, the orthopedist will put a resin plaster which is less heavy, for 6 weeks. It's only later on that l will be allowed to load my foot step by step again. Therefore I still have to be patient for a long moment....

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Comments on this photo:

Mar 13 2014 14:53 GMT T1MELESS PRO
AHHHHHHHHH but there is a bright side. All that time in bed :-))
Mar 13 2014 15:03 GMT Papagena
That's exactly what I wanted to point out my friend !! I know there are a lot of people who would like be at my place, but just without the annoying part......;°)
Mar 13 2014 15:21 GMT Lalbabu
I hate to be at bed all time,hope that the 6 weeks will fly by and you shall be in action again.
Mar 13 2014 16:44 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
An original entry for reflectionthursday, Ruth, but I know you would prefer to be out and about taking other photos! Wishing you all the best....
Mar 13 2014 17:48 GMT Bellavista
Awww.... so sorry to hear that Ruth!
I hope you get better very soon. Actually, I could use the the time stay in bed very good!
I would sleep a lot, reading and just hanging on my laptop! :)))
So get well soon Ruth!
Mar 13 2014 18:30 GMT fotoloekb PRO
No operation, that's good to here, you havea long time now to comment or pictures Ruth! ;-)
Get very well soon and make your patient not too heavy.
Time for puzzels, music TV and .... FT! ;-))
Mar 13 2014 18:31 GMT fotoloekb PRO
BTW, a very nice reflection! ;-)))
Mar 13 2014 19:15 GMT MargNZ
A very original entry this week Ruth ! My best wishes for your recovery :))
Mar 13 2014 19:18 GMT Papagena
You are right Loek, I am really spoilt having such a lot of time to enjoy my hobbies all day long !! :°)
Mar 13 2014 19:22 GMT Annamaria
Its bad that it is broken, but fortunately an operation is not neccessary, Ruth!! I hope your men spoil you with nice and tasty things ;-)
Mar 13 2014 20:01 GMT hans55 PRO
thats to bad ...get well soon again Ruth !!!
Mar 13 2014 20:29 GMT inna68
Oh Ruth....so ein Mist....ich wünsch dir guts Besserung!!!!
Mar 13 2014 21:39 GMT junne PRO
tut mir so leid, wünsche von herzen gute besserung !
Mar 13 2014 22:48 GMT bandsix
Oh dear! But good news that surgery is not required, and that the plaster and bed rest should do the trick! Long term bed can be very boring though, if enforced......
Mar 14 2014 15:33 GMT martini957
Ding dang it...so sorry....wishing you super fast healing Ruth
Mar 14 2014 19:08 GMT Sheila PRO
Hope it all heals up really well. I once broke my ankle - playing football on the beach while wearing platform soles!! I hope you were not being as silly as I was? I had to have it pinned and then the pins removed two years later.
Mar 14 2014 20:26 GMT Papagena
Sheila, it arrived when I was walking on a little shortcut path. I already did use it many many times. But this time a little wooden piece made my feet rolling away and I did fall down in ia little embankment. Of course my foot twisted but by chance I could stop my rolling thanks to a tree.
I hope too that it will heal well as I am usually walking a lot in my region. The most frustrating is to see the sun shining only through the windows.....