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Some pictures of my holidays in USA from May until June 2012:

3) Acoma Sky City, New Mexico

The Pueblo lies on a 365-foot mesa. The isolation and location of the Pueblo has sheltered the community for over 1,200 years, seeking to avoid conflict with neighboring Navajos and Apaches.

Three reservations make up Acoma Pueblo: Sky City (Old Acoma), Acomita, and McCartys. The Acoma Pueblo tribe is a federally recognized tribal entity. The historical land of Acoma Pueblo totaled roughly 5 million acres; now only 10% of this land is in the hands of the community. According the 2010 United States Census, 4,989 people identified as Acoma. The Acoma have continuously occupied the area for over 800 years, making it one of the oldest continuously inhabited communities in the United States.

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Comments on this photo:

Aug 07 2012 12:40 GMT clintonfolks
fantastic collage.!!!
Aug 07 2012 12:49 GMT elsje323
beautiful collage!!!
Aug 07 2012 13:55 GMT hans55 PRO
great collage ...looks like a very interresting place to visit ...good info !!
Aug 07 2012 14:03 GMT sini
Great collage!:)
Aug 07 2012 15:08 GMT martini957
Wonderful collage & interesting history too
Aug 07 2012 15:56 GMT saffi9
looks great
Aug 07 2012 16:14 GMT Annamaria
Great collage, with many nice things to see, Ruth!!
Aug 07 2012 17:45 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
It looks like a really fascinating place, Ruth. Thanks for the interesting info and link!
Aug 07 2012 17:49 GMT FRIESIAN
Very interesting collage Ruth. Must be an amazing place!!
Aug 07 2012 18:20 GMT Lie
Oh whoow great collage....great place too...
Aug 07 2012 21:03 GMT wijnie58
Awesome collage of Mexico, Ruth..:-))
Aug 08 2012 07:22 GMT hanek
Color of these stones are a lot talk about the beauty of the climate in this place ...
Aug 08 2012 20:54 GMT bandsix
Great collage ind interesting info too, Ruth!
Aug 09 2012 12:40 GMT hallo
Very nice collection!
Aug 10 2012 09:51 GMT MargNZ
Fascinating history and a wonderful collage of images from Acoma Sky city Ruth :)
Aug 11 2012 05:25 GMT gtc126
Aug 17 2012 01:43 GMT PhotoPro PRO
looks like you had a great time!!!!
May 25 2014 21:41 GMT abojovna PRO
Love the Acoma art!