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I am late with sending my entry for this theme. It is due to a problem of internet connection....

The small town of Regensberg with a castle was founded in 1244 by the Baron Lütold V of Regensberg. The family seat (Old) Regensberg is in the field of community Regensdorf nearby Zurich and the "Cats Lake" (Katzensee).

The main reason for the establishment of Regensberg probably was the strategic location. Already 1302 Lütold VII was forced to sell the town to the Habsburgs, Austria. But in 1409 it was pledged to the city of Zurich.

1417 Regensberg was finally in Zurich's possession and was the seat of a provincial governor. In 1540 the village was burnt down, rebuilt and then named New Regensberg.

In 1798 the Helvetic Republic was founded and then Regensberg was affiliated to the district of Bülach.

After the end of the Helvetic Republic in 1803 it became the district capitale but lost this function in 1871 in favour of Dielsdorf.

In 1884 the castle was bought by a society of public utility which has transformed it in a home for children.

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Comments on this photo:

Nov 11 2012 14:22 GMT sini
Great collage and entry!:)
Nov 11 2012 14:53 GMT bandsix
Great collage and interesting reading,too:)
Nov 11 2012 14:55 GMT elsje323
beautiful collage and entry
Nov 11 2012 15:01 GMT Lie
Great collage Ruth....and a lovely entry...
Nov 11 2012 15:10 GMT hallo
Wonderful combination!
Nov 11 2012 15:37 GMT clintonfolks
wonderful collage.!
Nov 11 2012 16:16 GMT hans55 PRO
a very good collage Ruth ... great entry !
Nov 11 2012 16:21 GMT marijke06
great oldest building collage!
Nov 11 2012 16:55 GMT ujbanyiv
Yes! Great collage...
Nov 11 2012 17:03 GMT pauli3522
wow..europe has many old building in good shape like those ones
Nov 11 2012 18:02 GMT Annamaria
Nice collage, Ruth!!
Nov 11 2012 20:04 GMT MargNZ
A charming entry Ruth and wonderful history . I love all the images in your collage :)
Nov 11 2012 21:35 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
Very interesting pictures and info about Regensberg, Ruth. Always good to learn a bit of history!
Nov 11 2012 21:56 GMT wijnie58
Beautiful collage and entry, Ruth..:-))
Nov 11 2012 23:03 GMT 25barb
Very well done...I like the collage very much and the history of the area.
Nov 12 2012 01:05 GMT martini957
Better late than never Ruth...awesome entry
Nov 12 2012 05:36 GMT Squirrel PRO
BEAUTIFUL COLLAGE AND ENTRY::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
Nov 12 2012 09:46 GMT Bellavista
I like you shared the info as well Ruth! really nice job!
thank you for the question, I'm already back to England ... just have spent a 5 days long holiday in Budapest.... :-))
Nov 16 2012 10:39 GMT mcdonegal1 PRO
sorry I missed commenting on this last Friday. It is a wonderful collage. Very interesting information too. Thank you.
Nov 27 2012 19:42 GMT gtc126
Fantastic Entry, and Great Info!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!