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On my yesterday's walk I have finally been able to catch a squirrel picture which is not too bad......at least I think so..........
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Comments on this photo:

Aug 08 2011 10:39 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
Oh, how sweet! Nice capture, Ruth.
Aug 08 2011 11:50 GMT Annamaria
Its a lovely shot, Ruth!! Great catch!!
Aug 08 2011 12:04 GMT elsje323
great catch Ruth
Aug 08 2011 12:21 GMT elbeaver
yay cute
Aug 08 2011 12:58 GMT beus PRO
Lovely shot:-)
Aug 08 2011 13:54 GMT Hanny50
I like it a lot!!
Aug 08 2011 14:33 GMT hans55 PRO
a very nice catch !!
Aug 08 2011 17:13 GMT nicnic1978xx
nice catch lovely x
Aug 08 2011 20:01 GMT Sheila PRO
Well done!
Aug 08 2011 20:51 GMT senna3
That is a very nice capture Ruth!
Aug 09 2011 07:21 GMT Ada90
Nice catch.good for you.
Aug 09 2011 07:54 GMT cobaltblue
That's the cutest little guy up there. :-)
Aug 09 2011 08:53 GMT sheasoru68
Even better to find a red squirrel, a dying breed over here I'm afraid, mostly due to the grey squirrel.
Aug 09 2011 10:34 GMT clintonfolks
cute photo..
Aug 09 2011 11:26 GMT Papagena
Joe I have read that in Switzerland we could loose a great part of red squirrels too....;~(
Aug 09 2011 16:15 GMT Pea2007
Nice capture Ruth.
Aug 09 2011 19:24 GMT bandsix
It's lovely...particularly as it is a red one :))
Aug 09 2011 22:47 GMT MargNZ
Nice to see a red squirrel Ruth ... great find and photo :)
Aug 10 2011 09:55 GMT superJoan
Ruth we mainly have grey squirrels so a red one spotted is a great find. They thrive in Scotland as there are lots of pine forests up there.. The Grey has long been blamed for the decline of our Red squirrel but this is not so.Grey Squirrels don't chase Red Squirrels away. It is simply a gradual ecological replacement due to Greys being more adaptable. Plenty of evidence shows the two species living together for significant periods.
Aug 10 2011 10:29 GMT Papagena
As I have read that we should loose a large part of our red squirrels in the next 25 years too, I thank you for your explanations Joan !!
Aug 11 2011 08:45 GMT Squirrel PRO
LOVELY AND FUNNY SHOT >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Aug 23 2011 14:24 GMT 5712
Beautiful photo !!!
Oct 05 2014 18:38 GMT Zodyak
Good catch before running away :)