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During 5 years in the seventies, I shared a happy time with Bingo, my first parrot !!

Since about 30 years he is living in a family in France, and perhaps he will be still alive for another 20 years...........
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Comments on this photo:

Dec 08 2010 16:53 GMT sini
Great Bingo collage and memory!:)
Dec 08 2010 17:21 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
Lovely old photos of Bingo - and you too! I love African grey parrots. A friend in Austria has some and they are so funny and clever.
Dec 08 2010 17:56 GMT bandsix
what a lovely collage Ruth....my Mum and Dad had the company of one in Cornwall during the war, and they used to tell me all sorts of wonderful tales about Polly!! Bingo looks a character...
Dec 08 2010 18:38 GMT Maurabia
Dec 08 2010 21:57 GMT Pea2007
Nice to meet you Ruth.
Dec 08 2010 22:03 GMT Adamus
Wonderful collage.
Dec 08 2010 22:40 GMT martini957
Awesome...long live Bingo
Dec 09 2010 07:03 GMT hans55 PRO
great memory collage !!!
Dec 09 2010 07:54 GMT Donjames
Memories for a lifetime that will never fade...great pic
Dec 09 2010 12:04 GMT Papagena
Peter, these pictures are nearly 40 years old. Shows how time is flying away quickly......
Dec 09 2010 15:43 GMT Cronos1
Dec 09 2010 18:23 GMT abojovna PRO
Lovely members of family, both!
Dec 09 2010 18:23 GMT abojovna PRO
Beautiful old photo !
Dec 09 2010 22:33 GMT verarenm
Lovely memory! Great collage!
Dec 10 2010 01:25 GMT doramandragora
He looks like he was highly intelligent and a great companion. :-)
Dec 12 2010 12:29 GMT hanek
The beautiful light of afteryears .... I'm afraid that digital photography does not store so tenderly the light of days gone .... and ...who will be able to read JPG files after fifty years ???? ...
Dec 16 2010 22:19 GMT Bellavista
A lovely pet can make for us a lot of fun and love! It was sure a lovely time for you both!
Jun 25 2011 14:45 GMT Milibuh
Lovely !!!