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My thoughts are with all families and people on this day of the arrival of the victims in the Netherlands.

I just can hope they will find out who did provoke this awful planecrash very soon!!

Hard to think that at the same moment I spent a wonderful time with my sister !! From now on my Birthday will be linked up to this tragedy.......

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Comments on this photo:

9 hours ago Lalbabu
Sorry Ruth for loosing your sister in this tragedy.
9 hours ago Papagena
Lalbabu, not at all, she did enjoy the day with me !! I just feel awful that I was happy at the moment others did loose their life.....
5 hours ago Annamaria
Thank you for your thoughtful tribute, Ruth!

Today was a day of National Mourning in Holland. The first 2 planes with bodies of 40 of the victims arrived at Eindhoven Airport.

There was a simple but very moving meeting on the Airport and there was a 1 minute silence at 16PM all over Holland.. All bodies were carried from the 2 planes by Soldiers of Army/ Navy and Airforce to the 40 funeral cars who drove to a Military barack near Amsterdam where they will try to find out the identities of the victims.

The burial procession to the barack took almost 2 hours by Highway which was closed for all traffic at the moment. Thousands of people gathered aside the roads to pay there respects.

There will be many more flights this week bringing all bodies to Holland.
5 hours ago Jeanmac
A wonderful card Ruth paying tribute to all the lives lost in this senseless act of violence . Let's hope the right people are brought to justice!
4 hours ago bandsix
A lovely tribute, Ruth........words can't describe the awfulness of this horror.....
3 hours ago wijnie58
A wonderful tribute, Ruth. I agree with Annamaria..:-))
3 hours ago georgygirl2
its all very sad, a nice tribute ruth
2 hours ago mellie
Very nice tribute. I feel such sadness for all who lost their loved ones. In the York Times
newspaper was an article about the many people who were on this flight. Families with their children returning home, those going on vacation, etc. As Jean said, a senseless act of violence.