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Who and where am I ?????

As the heat-wave does persist I still spend the most of the day in my more or less cool apartment. But early in the morning I am at least walking a moment in my area......
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Comments on this photo:

Jul 05 2015 17:03 GMT ForestSpirit
Well camouflaged, but I think it's a red squirrel!
It's not so extreme here now, but still a bit too warm for me!
Jul 05 2015 17:13 GMT skyball
Lovely shades of green Ruth!!,,I can only think of squirrel!!!!!:-))
Jul 05 2015 18:11 GMT Jeanmac
He's hiding well and I agree with Sylvia and Geoff I think it's a squirrel!!
Jul 05 2015 19:53 GMT martini957
Great one Ruth.....I too think its a bushy-tailed tree climber : ))
Jul 05 2015 19:57 GMT qtreiber
Gro├čartig Ruth!
Jul 05 2015 21:32 GMT bandsix
I think so too.....sorry it's too warm for you...it's much cooler here now....bbrrrrr....:)
Jul 05 2015 21:59 GMT MargNZ
Great entry Ruth . I am glad you can get outside for a short time :)
Jul 05 2015 23:02 GMT will
Nice collage Ruth
23 hours ago junne PRO
stay cool !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
23 hours ago kaka2015
Good question :))) I dont know but I love the green of the tree, I AM a tree lover Ruth.
12 hours ago julie13
Lovely capture :)
10 hours ago Lalbabu
Though it is hot the sunlight makes the green beautifully bright,yes it may be a squirrel !!!
10 hours ago mellie
Sure looks like a squirrel; very nice foliage.
9 hours ago superJoan
Ruth quite elusive... A squirrel perhaps hiding from you..
6 hours ago hallo
4 hours ago hans55 PRO
very nice !!