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When we visited New Zealand exactly five years ago we spent some time in Christchurch, the scene of such dreadful tragedy today. Our hearts go out to everyone there. So many people have died and others are badly injured.

The Cathedral has now lost its spire, and there is so much other damage.

So very sad.
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Comments on this photo:

Feb 22 2011 15:28 GMT superJoan
Pam I missed this on the news...you are so right it is dreadful news....thanks for bringing it to my attention
Feb 22 2011 15:35 GMT Xaragma
Thanks, Pam - so much damage and loss of life, but memories remain...
Feb 22 2011 16:00 GMT Annamaria
I saw this cathedral on television.... one of the walls was totally broken down.... so much damage and so many sad and grieving people....

Another tragedy for Christchurch after the earthquake last year......
Feb 22 2011 16:01 GMT Midworlder PRO
Thanks for posting this Pam, I have seen the cathedral but never photographed it. Unfortunately the damage was more than the spire and ...

The spire of Christchurch Cathedral, the heart of the city, has collapsed.

"Dean of Cathedral Peter Beck said they tried to get out who they could but it was now in the hands of emergency services. "It doesn't look good".

He had "no idea" of how many people were inside."
Feb 22 2011 16:07 GMT LizSA
this is sad... I am so sorry to hear about it. will see it on the News tonight. :(
Feb 22 2011 16:19 GMT LizSA
oh my Goodness.... we looked on the internet.... it is so bad....and then the floods.!!
Feb 22 2011 16:40 GMT hans55 PRO
very sad news ... i watched that on telly !!
Feb 22 2011 18:18 GMT rainbow71
I remember that oh too well, Christchurch will not be the same.
They are still getting people alive. which is good.

Feb 22 2011 18:22 GMT Sheila PRO
So sad to see the footage of the cathedral as it is now.
Feb 22 2011 22:13 GMT MargNZ
What a beautiful photo of what was once an icon of Christchurch. It seems so unbelievable that this beautiful Cathedral will no longer stand in the centre of Christchurch. Thank you Pam .
Feb 23 2011 02:26 GMT T1MELESS PRO
It is a real shame ,it makes you wonder if there is a god at times like this.!!
Feb 23 2011 23:07 GMT Cooler PRO
So very sad, beautiful church indeed !