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My two sisters and I are a sentimental old bunch altogether. We've all kept various souvenirs of our parents, even though we've also given (and thrown) plenty away. Mum died in 1983, Dad in 1990, so it's a long time ago now, and it's our turn to be getting old.

So big sis has been having a clear out, as part of her preparations to move to a smaller place, and she called us all together to see if we could take some things away. Amongst the various papers I came across this letter from our Dad.

Who else but him would write such an extravagant thank you letter? His handwriting was always very artistic, and he definitely had a way with words! He was loved by everyone who knew him; he was always interested in people, and had a great sense of humour.

Back in 2006 I posted an early photo of him: http://www.fotothing.com/Pam/photo/8568bbf77ac2e396ebbc9d7982d8d42d/

I thought you might like to see these too!
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Comments on this photo:

Mar 05 2011 06:40 GMT Annamaria
too have kept some of the letters and cards my parents wrote to me.... I even have the cards they got when i was born.... ;-))
Mar 07 2011 10:03 GMT MargNZ
Pam this is a beautifully written letter in every way. I am also sentimental also ... it does come with age :))
Mar 07 2011 12:54 GMT martini957
He sure did have a way with words....special keepsake
Mar 10 2011 20:20 GMT Steve PRO
That's a real delight, Pam. I shall remember his style for when an effusive 'thank you' is called for!