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Tags wetwang


Holiday in Yorkshire, October 2012. We passed through a village called Wetwang, which was rather appropriate because it was - wet!

This village's other claim to fame is that it appointed the late great Richard Whiteley of Countdown fame, who left us far too soon, as its Mayor and he used to take great delight in telling us what it was like to be the Mayor of Wetwang. He was usually giggling as he told us. I adored him!
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Comments on this photo:

Dec 05 2012 14:28 GMT hanek
Therefore, we are waiting for more images of this charming village .....
Dec 05 2012 16:30 GMT julie13
Funny name.. I live near a place called Little Egypt, I still cant find the pyramids :)
Dec 05 2012 16:32 GMT T1MELESS PRO
Wetwang is just up the road from me, you just dont think of the photo's you have on your own doorstep Do you??
Dec 05 2012 23:19 GMT Pam
So, did you ever get to meet the great RW?
Dec 06 2012 16:00 GMT Steve PRO
OK, so it was wet, but was it Wang? This is what we need to know! :-)