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Tags cat


lazying on a Sunday afternoon
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Comments on this photo:

Jan 25 2010 02:15 GMT will
I don't think a 'creep' could have such a beautiful cat! But that's just my opinion! :)
Jan 25 2010 16:34 GMT Oksana
"creep" is a meer assosiation, my feeling of self not being perfect :)
Jan 25 2010 20:25 GMT will
Well Oksana, I think our cats are perfect, but we ourselves can never truly expect to be on the same level as them! Maybe we should be happy if they accept us as 'their humans' with all our flaws and imperfections. Compared to them maybe we really are creeps!! :))
Jan 25 2010 21:59 GMT Oksana
yes, I agree with you - they chose their masters to be their slaves :)
Feb 03 2010 15:24 GMT will
Wow! He has been sleeping awhile there huh? :))
Feb 03 2010 20:44 GMT Oksana
I guess he was just lazying :)) quiet and still but nevertheless conscious and alert - ready to rush for something interesting if happens LOL
Feb 03 2010 21:36 GMT will
omg! you mean he hasn't moved since Jan 25th? Please check for a pulse Oksana, or see if he's still breathing! I'm getting worried now! :)))
Feb 03 2010 21:40 GMT Oksana
you got it! he sometimes changes the position - now his head is turned towards me, but to to the wall LOL
Feb 03 2010 21:48 GMT lossieloon
Boy that is one lazy cat!! Reminds me of mine :-))
Feb 03 2010 21:49 GMT will
Wait! Please let me change that to 'glad to know he is actually still alive'!! :)
Feb 03 2010 22:02 GMT Oksana
yes, but he is not always like that - sometimes he runs around the apartment like crazy!
Feb 03 2010 22:03 GMT Oksana
yep, Will. still alive and feeling good :)))