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This could be just what you're looking for Sketty
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Comments on this photo:

May 28 2007 22:35 GMT Sketty PRO
Oh man, I LOVE being your Muse :)
May 28 2007 22:41 GMT stuboy
I actually think if I was to go into one of these things, all my bosses would be in there.
They're the biggest skivers I know.
May 28 2007 22:45 GMT NorvilleBarnes
In which case you could step back out, and quickly nail the door shut.
You really can't go wrong with this attractively priced, stylish Skiving Booth
May 29 2007 22:56 GMT Sketty PRO
Oy, you deleted your comment from my picture. I already know to beware of the great NorvilleBarnes anyway!
May 30 2007 18:02 GMT NorvilleBarnes
See what a shifty, shadowy figure I am? One dodgy gadgy, yessiree......
Jun 16 2007 11:37 GMT gilgamesh
Thank you, ladies and gentlemen - you've made a tired old man very happy this morning!

The Skiving Booth is most appealing but, being paranoid, I question the wisdom of including castors.
Aug 31 2008 23:29 GMT Sketty PRO
Ah Mr Barnes - now I have been forced to look at again and and therefore rue the lack of skiving booths in my locale. Due to this travesty I have been forced to work on my statement and now have 7 pages completed.
Aug 31 2008 23:33 GMT NorvilleBarnes
That sounds like a dangerous amount of progress. Halt all activity. I can have an emergency Skiving Booth rushed to you within the hour.