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Note:The original photo is not mine, it is just my interpretation of RosyApples beach shot.
The ...


Note:The original photo is not mine, it is just my interpretation of RosyApples beach shot.
The original
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Comments on this photo:

Feb 10 2008 22:24 GMT rosyapple PRO
I'm not sure that it looks like the seaside anymore...it certainly does have a touch of drama!
Feb 10 2008 22:26 GMT suzannesmash
This looks beautiful too..i like the tone and contrast...
Feb 10 2008 22:27 GMT Nodster
I think I am in a kind of dramatic mood at the moment.
Anyway I went a bit over board in the end.
I really loved the footprints heading off to some unknown journeys end!
Feb 10 2008 22:28 GMT suzannesmash
Can you repeat that in Swedish?
Feb 10 2008 22:29 GMT rosyapple PRO
Yeah I was in a kind of footprint mood that day!
Feb 10 2008 22:29 GMT rosyapple PRO
Musty get round to some tuition from you one of these days...Ha!
Feb 10 2008 22:31 GMT Nodster
How about
tnka JAG er i en slag av dramatisk stmning for tiden. P ngot stt Jag gick en smula ver brde till sist. JAG verkligen lskat foten printer verskriften bort till ngot oknd resa slut
Feb 10 2008 22:33 GMT Nodster
Above is my interpretation of my mood in swedish
Feb 10 2008 22:33 GMT suzannesmash
HAHAHA, thank You. I love your swenglish.

Feb 10 2008 22:36 GMT rosyapple PRO
I am impressed with your lingual skills!
Feb 10 2008 22:37 GMT rosyapple PRO
...and your imagination haha!
Feb 10 2008 22:37 GMT suzannesmash
Now its your turn Jude, hahaha
Feb 10 2008 22:38 GMT Nodster
***Swenglish*** - I love it!!
You should hear my Franglais then!
Feb 10 2008 22:38 GMT rosyapple PRO
Jag kan inte prote Svenska! How do you get all the Swedish symbols?
Feb 10 2008 22:40 GMT Nodster
Copy and paste from another of Smashies posts!! :o)
Cheating or what!
Feb 10 2008 22:41 GMT Nodster
Anyway get you madam with your lingual gymnastics!
Feb 10 2008 22:42 GMT suzannesmash
HHHHH menar du PRICKAR, typ OCH


you can keep them. haha
Feb 10 2008 22:42 GMT suzannesmash
hahahah that sounded like a kind of frog..
Feb 10 2008 22:51 GMT rosyapple PRO
Lingul gymnstics? Nw tht tkes me dwn nther rd....
Feb 10 2008 22:52 GMT suzannesmash
Excuse me..HAHAHAHA, hows your tongue?
Feb 10 2008 22:53 GMT rosyapple PRO
Feb 10 2008 22:55 GMT rosyapple PRO
Hey Ndster - lks like we re gtecrshing yur pge tnight!
Feb 10 2008 22:56 GMT rosyapple PRO
God natt!
Feb 10 2008 22:58 GMT suzannesmash
NDSTER...hahaha god natt!!
Feb 10 2008 22:59 GMT Nodster
Teraar Chucks
Feb 10 2008 23:00 GMT Nodster
Gatecrash away - it's more fun :o)
Feb 11 2008 21:44 GMT SlowCheeetah
fantastic landscape !!!
Aug 22 2008 21:37 GMT ronesans
nice job...
Oct 08 2011 00:38 GMT Wildspirit PRO
A little more drama added to her original beautiful scene.
May 22 2014 00:06 GMT thisdamphto PRO
very nice. great catch!
May 13 2015 18:49 GMT bifedecoelho