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Note:The original photo is not mine, it is just my interpretation of RosyApples beach shot.
The ...


Note:The original photo is not mine, it is just my interpretation of RosyApples beach shot.
The original
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Comments on this photo:

Feb 10 2008 22:24 GMT rosyapple PRO
I'm not sure that it looks like the seaside anymore...it certainly does have a touch of drama!
Feb 10 2008 22:26 GMT suzannesmash
This looks beautiful too..i like the tone and contrast...
Feb 10 2008 22:27 GMT Nodster
I think I am in a kind of dramatic mood at the moment.
Anyway I went a bit over board in the end.
I really loved the footprints heading off to some unknown journeys end!
Feb 10 2008 22:28 GMT suzannesmash
Can you repeat that in Swedish?
Feb 10 2008 22:29 GMT rosyapple PRO
Yeah I was in a kind of footprint mood that day!
Feb 10 2008 22:29 GMT rosyapple PRO
Musty get round to some tuition from you one of these days...Ha!
Feb 10 2008 22:31 GMT Nodster
How about
tänka JAG er i en slag av dramatisk stämning for tiden. På något sätt Jag gick en smula över bräde till sist. JAG verkligen älskat foten printer överskriften bort till något okänd resa slut
Feb 10 2008 22:33 GMT Nodster
Above is my interpretation of my mood in swedish
Feb 10 2008 22:33 GMT suzannesmash
HAHAHA, thank You. I love your swenglish.

Feb 10 2008 22:36 GMT rosyapple PRO
I am impressed with your lingual skills!
Feb 10 2008 22:37 GMT rosyapple PRO
...and your imagination haha!
Feb 10 2008 22:37 GMT suzannesmash
Now its your turn Jude, hahaha
Feb 10 2008 22:38 GMT Nodster
***Swenglish*** - I love it!!
You should hear my Franglais then!
Feb 10 2008 22:38 GMT rosyapple PRO
Jag kan inte prote Svenska! How do you get all the Swedish symbols?
Feb 10 2008 22:40 GMT Nodster
Copy and paste from another of Smashies posts!! :o)
Cheating or what!
Feb 10 2008 22:41 GMT Nodster
Anyway get you madam with your lingual gymnastics!
Feb 10 2008 22:42 GMT suzannesmash
ÅHHHHH menar du PRICKAR, typ Å Ä OCH Ö


Å å
Ä ä
Ö ö

you can keep them. haha
Feb 10 2008 22:42 GMT suzannesmash
hahahah that sounded like a kind of frog..
Feb 10 2008 22:51 GMT rosyapple PRO
Linguål gymnåstics? Nöw thåt tåkes me döwn ånöther röåd....
Feb 10 2008 22:52 GMT suzannesmash
Excuse me..HAHAHAHA, hows your tongue?
Feb 10 2008 22:53 GMT rosyapple PRO
Feb 10 2008 22:55 GMT rosyapple PRO
Hey Nödster - lööks like we åre gåtecråshing yöur påge tönight!
Feb 10 2008 22:56 GMT rosyapple PRO
God natt!
Feb 10 2008 22:58 GMT suzannesmash
NÖÖÖDSTER...hahaha god natt!!
Feb 10 2008 22:59 GMT Nodster
Teraar Chucks
Feb 10 2008 23:00 GMT Nodster
Gatecrash away - it's more fun :o)
Feb 11 2008 21:44 GMT SlowCheeetah
fantastic landscape !!!
Aug 22 2008 21:37 GMT ronesans
nice job...
Oct 08 2011 00:38 GMT Wildspirit PRO
A little more drama added to her original beautiful scene.
May 22 2014 00:06 GMT thisdamphto PRO
very nice. great catch!
May 13 2015 18:49 GMT bifedecoelho