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Hello everyone! I just wanted to let you know I haven't disappeared from the face of the Earth completely. :) Earlier this spring I needed to take a break from FT because of my studies but now that the summer is here I hope to find more time both for photography and for FT.

I'm currently working full-time as a park ranger and that tends to drain all the energy out of me but I try to make it here a bit more often than I have done lately! :)

I hope everyone is doing well.
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Comments on this photo:

May 16 2007 18:03 GMT Arik77
Welcome back !
Wonderful photo !
May 16 2007 18:07 GMT sebra
Love this photo- the background is nice
May 16 2007 18:09 GMT sini
Hi NeiK! Good to see you around again!:)) Great capture!!
May 16 2007 18:46 GMT Midworlder PRO
Nice to see you ... How is Yogi the Bear ? I hope he isn't causing you park rangers too much troube :))
May 16 2007 19:34 GMT ThorBeverley PRO
Nice to see you back NeiK - you've been missed - does being a Park Ranger mean you can photograph more wildlife than ever!
I do hope so!
May 16 2007 20:41 GMT LizSA
HHEEELLLLOOOO ... Hello Neik.....welcome back....
you working as a park ranger....wonderful...enjoy it......!!!!
May 17 2007 19:04 GMT bennystr
Welcome back Neik!
Do you need an assistant?
Beautiful capture!
May 17 2007 21:20 GMT lepotus
hjyvää kesän alkua sulle.
toivottavasti ehdit valokuvata. ;)
May 18 2007 18:49 GMT fcpos
Hieno kuva!
May 21 2007 11:18 GMT AlisonBC
Lovely to hear from you Neik! Glad you are keeping super busy :o)
May 27 2007 23:19 GMT schwc125
cool shot!
Jun 05 2007 13:57 GMT Katiska
Hieno potretti! Aurinkoista kesää äläkä raada liikaa!!!!
Jun 07 2007 18:05 GMT aZure53
what a beautiful photo.........we r waiting u...
Jul 05 2007 23:11 GMT jceca PRO
what a fabuloussssssssss looking water !!!!
super shot ......
Jul 31 2007 09:28 GMT litz
Marvellous Neik.....

i have a present for you....please take a look..thank you
Aug 05 2007 01:50 GMT michaelcarl PRO
Greeting NeiK
thank you for posting this picture ti show's how wonderful
our world is
cheer's from Canada
Aug 08 2007 08:26 GMT marijke06
I hope you are still okay.....spread the energy! :)
Oct 18 2007 19:43 GMT LizSA
Hello Neik.... are you OK dear .. How is your work as Park Ranger..!!
Nov 01 2007 19:09 GMT LizSA
Hello Neik..... are you still there.....HI.... take care..!!
Jan 09 2008 12:43 GMT karlbark
Best regards and a happy new year !
(Eša, glešilegt nżtt įr - as we say in my country) :-D
Karl Trausti from Iceland
Jun 19 2008 02:54 GMT rhynnligwak
great capture Niena
keep going
Sep 19 2008 20:30 GMT yvon
fantastic photo
Apr 06 2011 10:23 GMT caferr