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It's been some time since I last uploaded a photo of myself... And last time...

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It's been some time since I last uploaded a photo of myself... And last time you only saw a silhouette of me sitting on the window sill. So here's my face again. And the eyebrows of a neanderthal... :)) I'm such a lady. lol

And the story behind my hair? Well lately my hair has seemed to have a will of it's own. Today I took my revenge!! lol And I was bored since I decided not to study tonight. But I look like a normal human being again now.
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Comments on this photo:

Nov 29 2006 18:31 GMT Midworlder PRO
Hahahaha .. you and stuboy may be related
Nov 29 2006 18:36 GMT marijke06
GREAT!!! :))
Nov 29 2006 18:41 GMT sini
Wow, NeiK! Great!!!!:)))
Nov 29 2006 18:55 GMT genese
lol @ roger..... scarey bird.... the lesser spikey neik!
Nov 29 2006 19:41 GMT schwc125
and now you're going out to party?
Nov 29 2006 19:57 GMT LizSA
Wonderful........great......another PUNK on FT.....
Oh Neik....you look so good on this photo.....youth is wonderful....enjoy your life...dear girl....!!!!
Nov 29 2006 20:44 GMT AlisonBC
haha great photo! Lurv the hair ;o)

I agree with Liz on the youth thing; this photo reminds me of when I was young (very) and my hair was an inch long, bleached white and all spiked up. I don't think I'd get away with it now!! lol
Nov 29 2006 21:30 GMT ThorBeverley PRO
Punks Not Dead - it lives in Finland.
Great hair - you really got your revenge on it!
Nov 29 2006 22:32 GMT acegik
Wow....COOL!!! :)))
Nov 30 2006 01:19 GMT LanceG
a bad great hair day!
Nov 30 2006 01:27 GMT kmg29
You must have seen something so scary!!! :-))
Nov 30 2006 07:45 GMT Pasifae
What a funny shot!! Good idea! :))
Nov 30 2006 07:55 GMT lepotus
mulla oli vasta kesällä kans tukka pystyssä tollai.
Nov 30 2006 09:48 GMT Taxonomist
Hi there NeiK :-) So ... you really ate the broom ;-) Well, don't worry ... for me you are, now and ALWAYS, a lovely beautiful young lady ... with or without broom :-)
Nov 30 2006 10:02 GMT stuboy
I've just ssen my name mentioned on this one, I can't think why ;-)
Looks like a good hair day to me ;-)))))))))))
Nov 30 2006 14:09 GMT corainna
hahahaha! i like tha pic! have you put your fingher in electricity?:):):):) any way you lkooke nice and i like how you make your haire!
Nov 30 2006 15:50 GMT vipe
Upee hiustyyli!! Ja kuva!!
Nov 30 2006 15:55 GMT YesHello
Yikes! your hair has a hard-on! LOL
Nov 30 2006 18:37 GMT Katiska
Todella hieno staili, pidä toi! ;-) Ihanan pirteä kuva!
Dec 01 2006 01:52 GMT maiylah
thought you were upside-down! lol ...
sweet revenge, huh? ;))
Dec 01 2006 01:54 GMT jceca PRO
it looks pretty good to me this way too !!!!!!!!!!! :-)))
Dec 02 2006 20:39 GMT litz
life is precius and too short NeiK... enjoy the best of it...
you look so PUNKY and HAPPY!!!
Dec 03 2006 01:08 GMT Artbylu
Great look!!! :- )))))
Dec 04 2006 18:18 GMT thelion
cool haircut
Dec 06 2006 06:04 GMT elbeaver
Nice to meet you Neik!
Dec 16 2006 09:25 GMT DGM
Are you a Simpson?? LOL
Dec 16 2006 09:27 GMT NeiK
Who knows... Maybe I am somehow related to the Simpsons. lol
Dec 16 2006 09:31 GMT DGM