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The lovely Ukumobile. I am having to sell it due to lack of funds. So here is a souvenir photo of it with me reflected in the door. We are both gorgeous.
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Comments on this photo:

Apr 12 2008 19:09 GMT Sketty PRO
Alas poor ukumobile, I knew him Horatio

(actually I lied; I didn't know him at all but I had HEARD about him Horatio)
Apr 12 2008 20:02 GMT MrUku
Apparently the people who do the google ads have heard of him, and possibly me, too. On this page I am particularly drawn to adverts for scrap aluminuim, sexy singles pics and an idiot proof guide to fat loss. It's like they live in my head or something.
Apr 12 2008 22:30 GMT Sketty PRO
Damn me for having PRO status and therefore unable to see yer ads. I dread to think what they'd match me up with
Apr 12 2008 22:32 GMT MrUku
Oh I'm sure to let you know..... although I might be tempted to make stuff about.
Apr 12 2008 22:41 GMT Sketty PRO
Hmmmm, yes. I could imagine you fibbing and your fibs making me become slowly insane with paranoia
Apr 12 2008 22:43 GMT MrUku
You love my fibs Sket and your already paranoid ;-)
Apr 12 2008 22:51 GMT Sketty PRO
Yeah, you know me well. This weekend the Fates have already taken a major swipe at me and now the technology is turning against me. My PC doesn't seem to want to recognise my camera and I've got a cracking pic to put up. DAMN YOU GOD
Apr 12 2008 22:53 GMT MrUku
Don't let God push you around. Just give him one of your looks.
Apr 12 2008 22:54 GMT Sketty PRO
I'm sure that'd tell him good 'n proper. PLUS I don't even believe in him so that should tell him even more! Well, not in the usual way people believe in him any way