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stent attack Heart


Rumours of my death have been geatly exaggerated.

However, I did have a heart attack on Thursday, May 12th. Here's me on Saturday, May 14th upon my return from the hospital.

I had already removed about a dozen of the EKG electrode plugs. These were the ones that I think might be the toughest to remove.

I went in the hospital because I thought I was having a back spasm. The hospital cardiologists thought I was going to die like John Ritter with an Aortic Dissection.

I had a heart Arterial Angioplasty and Stent Placement. A balloon tipped catheter was inserted through my femoral artery near my crotch. Then it was snaked up through my body into the cardio artery and guided under x-ray to a blocked LAD artery feeding my heart. That's the BIG artery that feeds blood and oxygen to the heart.

I didn't feel ANYthing while this was happening. I watched it on tv.

The little balloon was inflated to disrupt the blockage in the vessel pressing plaque against the vessel wall and enabling blood flow.

Then a metal "stent" mounted on the balloon tipped catheter was expanded. It's basically a metal lattice that looks like one of those expandable toy finger traps. It opens and permanently adheres to the walls of the big artert that feed my heart, keeping it open and keeping my heart goiing stronger. The catheter was then removed.

Don't think I am smirking because I am not. I am smiling because I am thankful to be alive. It was really close!

If this was 20 years ago I would be in the hospital with my chest healing from a massive surgical session.

The flowers looked prettier today.
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Comments on this photo:

May 15 2005 02:17 GMT lorri PRO
You look wonderful, considering. Good health to you!
May 15 2005 02:22 GMT Jagged PRO
Good to see you live and kicking. You are a lucky bugger. They told me I wouldn't feel anything each time they did mine, but oh no I felt every little movement of the damn catheter snaking its way up into the chambers of my heart.
Those sticky pads are a bugger. You will be finding them for weeks.
May 15 2005 04:35 GMT MrSelfDestruct PRO
I did feel it in in my upper back, which is where the MI originally presented the pain.

I just now found 4 more on my legs. I swear I took a half dozen off of there already. During the last 2 1/2 days I took at least a full 2 dozen off of my chest too.
May 15 2005 07:04 GMT molnigen
Cheers to you
May 15 2005 08:53 GMT Karen
now there's a smile I'm pleased to see!!!! :)
May 15 2005 12:41 GMT curves PRO
May 15 2005 14:58 GMT PennyLane PRO
Hey handsome - whatcha' doin' tonight? :)
May 15 2005 17:06 GMT MrSelfDestruct PRO
Actually, not a bummer. Bummber would have been 20 years ago having to cut open my chest. This was a miracle.

Last night my mother-in-law said that her husband had angina and went to the hospital and had a stress test. All was OK. When he got home he had exactly the same back-ache symptoms I had. She put a heat pack on his back and relieved the symptoms. He felt better, went back to his desk to work and died.

This was nearly 15 years ago.

Mine was not a bummer.

I guess we get second chances in life.

Does life keep you around because you have a purpose?
May 15 2005 17:50 GMT OverKell PRO
The purpose is to live until you die! I do mean live.
I have helped many a Dr do the angio procedures that you speak of. It is a risky business but it saves lives. Unfortunately we have to keep people awake for the process. this may sound bizarre but we need full alertness for the patients so we can see the effects straight away.
Live til you die though....I can't stress that enough.
May 15 2005 23:51 GMT Molly PRO
I was going to say that you looked entirely too happy. Upon reflection, I'd say, you dont' look happy enough! :-) Glad to *SEE* you.
May 16 2005 18:28 GMT HMBPA PRO
Glad to see your smiling face...continue to be healthy!
May 16 2005 23:54 GMT Sketty PRO
Between you and Dom it's a wonder any of us A-netters have any hair and nails left! Well done that man for not doing a 'John Ritter'! Yay!!!!!!
May 17 2005 14:32 GMT Sheila PRO
So glad you made it through this! Keep up the good work!
May 17 2005 21:03 GMT ummm411
wow thats awesome and scary!!!!!!!!!!!!!
May 18 2005 13:27 GMT Steve PRO
Great to see that smile, Pal. Reading your A-net words in wonder.

May 20 2005 22:57 GMT Misato12k
I wish you good health!!! :D :D :D
Jul 11 2005 15:38 GMT charlotte
hope your still ok!!!
Aug 08 2005 03:14 GMT Android PRO
I am doing great now! I am exercising 3 mornings a week and have changed the way I work and play to reduce the risk of dropping dead.

But who knows how long we live?
Sep 01 2005 09:17 GMT DGM
Dec 31 2005 01:58 GMT Milibuh
My best wishes for you...
May 01 2006 15:45 GMT CAPRI
nice pic!!!!!