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Yours Truly - 23 years old, Sydney, Australia.
Just wanted to let you know that I'm thinking of you. Have been really really busy for the last couple of months and haven't had time to play. But I'll be back soon (I hope).

PS - I was wearing a bikini. It just doesn't show.
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Comments on this photo:

Jan 22 2006 04:24 GMT hallo
Three Moons MoonDew! Hope you'll be back soon healthy and wealthy.
Jan 22 2006 06:47 GMT LittleOurkie PRO
Ah yes, to be 23.........
Jan 22 2006 11:41 GMT StavrosMoforis
Happy New Year to you, too, dearest! Thank you so much for your kind words! Hey, if you looked so pretty when 23 years old, that means now, you must look GORGEOUS!!!!!
Don't work TOO hard, take care of yourself and be back asap!
Jan 22 2006 12:09 GMT AshleyChen
wow , moondew you're a beauty :)
Jan 22 2006 13:16 GMT ashtricky
happy and beautiful!
Jan 22 2006 22:05 GMT latif
welcome back
missed you alot MoonDew
Jan 23 2006 00:51 GMT Milibuh
Hi MoonDew...we missed you...come back soon...
Jan 23 2006 02:34 GMT Gagraph
Good wishes for the New Year and beyond. Great selk portait NiceB&W Warm regards - Mark
Jan 24 2006 03:18 GMT ButterflyShutterfly
Hope to see you back soon pretty lady!
Jan 25 2006 07:43 GMT sanjolina
lovely portrait!
Jan 26 2006 01:49 GMT MoonDew
Thanks everyone, for your nice comments. The photo was taken a long time ago, circa 1973.
Jan 26 2006 03:59 GMT sabiah
Thank you for your comments!
Jan 27 2006 00:52 GMT jomoud PRO
good to see you back.
and a belated Happy New Year to you.
Yes I added you:):)
Feb 22 2006 16:45 GMT Portasejanelas
Amazing pic
Feb 28 2006 15:17 GMT jomoud PRO
Lemme count back....23 that was in...?
naah too depressing
great shot!!!!
Mar 21 2006 22:34 GMT aquiles PRO
Apr 21 2006 01:49 GMT Milibuh
We miss you.....
Jun 24 2006 04:01 GMT will
The kind of beauty that you have will never fade...hope you're ok...
Jun 24 2006 09:53 GMT MoonDew
Thank you, Will. That's sweet of you. Yes, I'm OK...just been very busy. But I'll be back.
Jun 24 2006 10:02 GMT PaP67
my god, let me remember my 23 old age
should be pleasant to meet us in this period !
photo resplendisante de bonheur !
Jun 24 2006 10:54 GMT litz
you're so beautiful MoonDew!!!
Excellent B&W
Jun 27 2006 02:21 GMT MoonDew
Thanks for your comments. I hasten to add, for those of you who haven't noticed my current age, that this photo was taken in 1974, . ;-)
Jun 27 2006 02:23 GMT MoonDew
I haven't had any time lately to take new photos or even scan in and upload some older ones, that's why we're still stuck on this one. (Not because of vanity)
Jul 01 2006 18:20 GMT olala1
wow nice ... good crop ... hehe
Jul 01 2006 21:44 GMT PaP67
ach diese flotte Biene zieht mich an!
es gibt nicht schöneres als eine strahlende Jugend !
Jul 14 2006 17:13 GMT HassanN
you must be beautiful even now!
Aug 28 2006 10:17 GMT elbeaver
oh I just read one comment but I thought you were very 70's and I was right!

so pretty!!
Jan 21 2007 22:44 GMT Dorado
Chica guapa
Jan 28 2007 21:12 GMT Wildspirit PRO
Probably more beautiful, HassanN!
Feb 08 2008 08:36 GMT santolina
Dear MoonDew,

Thank you for your comment:

From: MoonDew PRO
Nov 02 2005 01:17:59 GMT
Keep downing the Wodka and you'll see green sheep and pink elephants. And pigs will fly.

This was the presumed reply:

MoonDew: I don't drink alcohol :) so your sarcastic advice seems to miss the target :( Probably you could succeed in a local pub with it :) I wonder if my comments on your work have ever given you a pretext for the irony, I thought I've been always nothing but very friendly to you :) and this site is a place for respect or mild humour and not a poorly grounded non photo related personal reproach. I do hope, dear MoonDew, that it was a joke on your part and we'll stay friends. I don't seem to make personal comments on your life style :) more than you Know nothing about me.

Still I consider it more appropriate not to discuss that in public yet.
Were you really so affected with a poor quality photo as to be impelled to make ungrounded personal comments sounding more like a practical joke in a form of an imperative advice, or order than a friendly criticism? And why were you absolutely sure than I'm he person who drinks strong alcohol on a regular basis?
Unfortunately I'm afraid that I happen to feel rather disappointed on the quality of commenting.

Have a nice day,

Today I'd give another response:
What a nasty, dull, boring commenting you allow yourself!
I'm utterly detested with this.
Time passes, but the abhominable aftertaste your comments leave reminds of the gruesome style obviously peculiar to the uneloborate personality of the commentator. Please be so kind as not to Moon any more at my page.
Jun 20 2008 13:00 GMT CarloDiMarcoberardino
Wonderful Lady
Dec 24 2008 00:26 GMT Studio88
Hi Moon Dew - Very Beautiful Portrait ;-))