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The star Vega, in the constellation of Lyra, roughly 26 light years distant from us.

This is a two minute expsoure using a Canon EOS 350d SLR through my 200mm aperture Newtonian reflector telescope attached to a motor driven equatorial mount, 35mm efl = 1.6 metres!

This star was made "famous" by the 1997 motion picture "Contact", starring Jodie Foster, which was based on a novel by the late Carl Sagan, who was a very accomplished cosmologist.

In the movie, TV signals from 52 years ago are detected which are in fact signals replayed to us by an another civilisation. The movie rightly makes the point that our TV signals took 26 years to get to Vega and another 26 years to come back!

The point being, that even if we could travel at the speed of light (which we are a long long long way from doing), it would take 26 years to get to Vega.

The sad thing is that Vega is comparatively "next door" to us, the Andromeda galaxy (our nearest galaxy) is 3000 light years away!
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Comments on this photo:

Jul 02 2008 01:50 GMT habsburg5
Dear Sir:

My name is John W. Siple (Corvallis, Oregon) and I write articles about astronomy and telescopes for my local astronomy club newsletter. The Rosette Gazette is published monthly by The Rose City Astronomers of Portland, Oregon. Our nonprofit astronomy club has approximately 300 member families. Members can read the newsletter either online or can request a hardcopy through the regular mail. These articles are of an informational nature and are not intended for commercial purposes. My time and effort is free for the astronomy club. In 2007 our newsletter editor, Larry Deal, received first place honors in the Astronomical League's Mabel Stern's competition for newsletter excellence.

In my next article, slated for publication in the next August 2008 issue of The Rosette Gazette, I will be talking about the constellation Lyra. Observations of deep-sky objects and double stars will be made using a vintage Unitron 3-inch equatorial refractor telescope. Along with the main text, the 2-page article will feature some extraordinary images of deep-sky objects and stars.

Our astronomy club would be highly honored to display your exquisite! image of Vega that was taken through your 8-inch (200mm) Newtonian reflector telescope. This specific image is posted on the website Fotothing. I need your explicit E-mail permission to reproduce this great star image for the newsletter. The image will be used only once for the forthcoming August 2008 issue of The Rosette Gazette, and its one time use would be granted free of charge for our nonprofit astronomy club. Please respond ASAP to this request.

(I need your full name for the IMAGE CREDITS section. First name, middle initial, and surname.)

For a sample of past writings please go to www.rca-omsi.org/ When in the Rose City Astronomer's website click on Newsletter at the middle top of the webpage. From the archived back issues of The Rosette Gazette look at the June 2008 issue for the article called "Classic Telescopes: Delving into the deep-sky delights of Scorpius with a Lafayette 3-inch refractor." The May 2008 issue has another Classic Telescopes article ("Observing the treasures of Virgo with an Optica b/c 6-inch Reflector"), while the April 2008 issue has "A Lunar Gallery--VI: The Moon's enigmatic ghost craters, bridges, and rille systems get a fresh examination."

Your help in this matter is greatly appreciated. I can be contacted at jseybel2@hotmail.com
Jul 16 2008 13:43 GMT lizzieb
That is not only a terrific photo but what an honour to have it published too! Well done!!
Jul 18 2008 18:59 GMT lasm

My name is Mike Smail and I'm the content producer at the Pennington
Planetarium. We are a part of the not-for-profit Louisiana Art & Science
Museum in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA, and are currently designing an
exhibit about our galaxy. The exhibit features an led illuminated 10m x
1.25m image of the Milky Way, and a computer kiosk where guests can learn
about some of the features in our galaxy. With your permission, we would
like to include your image of the Vega hosted at:
http://www.fotothing.com/photos/85a/85ab3451b192d1be80d4a99354ab55ab_145.jpg as one of the twelve "special interest points" on this kiosk. Patrons would be able
to see your image, along with a brief description of the star, and whatever
type of text credit you would like.

Please let me know if this is a possibility. You can reach me via msmail at lasm dot org. Thank you for your time,

Jul 18 2008 21:34 GMT Mitch62

Please feel free to use this image, I'd appreciate a credit in the name of Martin S Mitchell of Nottingham, England.

Jul 21 2008 17:45 GMT lasm
Mitch, thank you very much. We will credit the image appropriately.

Jul 21 2008 19:46 GMT Mitch62

A photo of the exhibit would be great if you could arrange that?

Sep 10 2008 21:40 GMT lasm
Absolutely! We're putting the final touches on the interface now, and will send pictures your way when it is complete.
Jan 31 2012 20:56 GMT pg175

I am a composer and I'm currently producing a new musical. I would like to ask you if I may use your photo of Vega in the album's artwork. I would give you full credit, of course. Please let me know, asap. Thanks so much,
Patrick Green
Feb 01 2012 14:52 GMT Mitch62
Hi Patrick,

That sounds great, a credit would be good, even better a copy of the album when it's available?
Feb 02 2012 13:15 GMT pg175
Thank you, Sir. Should the credit be Martin S. Mitchell of Nottingham England? I will certainly send you a copy when it's complete. I'll need your mailing address, of course. Thanks again,
Feb 02 2012 14:40 GMT Mitch62
That would be correct, email me at martinsmitchell at aol dot com for details.