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Red skies in the morning, Sailor take warning ☠

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Tags 2008


My favourite albums of 2008:

Coldplay: Viva la Vida, Eagle of Death Metal: Heart On, Tricky: Knowle West Boy, MGMT, Portishead: 3rd, Crystal Castles, Death Cab For Cutie: Narrow Stairs.

I've had a good year and im excited to see whats going to happen in 2009! My accomplishments for the year:

- Decided what i want to do with my life (which isnt an easy thing to do!)
- Quit my shitty job
- Got a job at a piercing & tattoo shop (one step closer to getting to my dream of becoming a tattoo artist!)
- Got my first tattoo
- Quit an aweful caffine addiction
- bought my first dsl camera
- went blonde for a week

My plants/resolutions for 2009:

- Vegitarianism
- Live a Straight Edge lifestyle
- Get a legal name change
- Get more tattoos
- Get more drawings done
- Lose a lot of weight (hopefully)
- save enough money to move out
- Be more confident with myself
- Become less fucking shy and introverted*

*that last one is gonna be the most difficult for me

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Comments on this photo:

Jan 08 2009 10:07 GMT otilia
great composition     
Jan 10 2009 19:26 GMT strahlekind
WOW you want to become a vegitarian??
....symphatic person (:
Jan 15 2009 14:51 GMT felixdakilla
great composition