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Is that anything we can go chasing?..............,
Part 2
After lunch we reported in again for work at 2 p.m. till around 4 p.m. with the cub closures needing cleaned, and best time here was the actually playing with the all the 3 month old cubs, so that they get used to humans. There was paint work to be done, metal fence poles cut, and roads to be repaired . We also went out on walks with clients taking data sheets, which had to be filled in covering all aspects of the lions behaviour whilst out.

There is a section at the Park where horses are kept. These horses are mostly saved from farms that had been taken over by the war veterans. They needed to be groomed and ridden, another one of the jobs us volunteers helped out with. We were given a riding lesson and then off into the bush assured that the horses would only trot..... Well they did most of the time, otherwise I was hanging on for dear life.
Then there were the elephants. Seems volunteers used to help with them a fair amount, but this had to be stopped due to a volunteer over stepping the mark and had caused a problem. However we were still able to go out for a ride with them as they roamed around the Park......I was able to do this twice. I nearly fell off my elephant at one point as she abruptly turned around to chastise a young elephant for some reason that only she knew. I was hanging on for dear life and struggled like mad to right myself which was not helped by my fit of the giggles. On seeing photos of the elephant it is quite a drop down if you do fall off. Some volunteers rode the elephants in the lake. Big Mistake - as the elephants loved to play in the water, and everyone ended up swimming to shore.
At 4.30 in the afternoon saw the start of the evening walks with the lions getting us back to base just after 6 p.m. If there were clients we would go to the enclosures to fetch the lions and meet up with the clients out on the Savannah and from there we would set off for the walk. There were several different walks we could go out on with the lions . However all routes had to be monitored due to the elephant rides and where the horses were on their run arounds in the Park. There was a daily meeting with the Team Leaders at 6.45 p.m.to which everyone had to attend. Just before this I would make a point of sitting with my camera to watch the sun setting. This was a 'must do' for me, as it was the most beautiful time of the day. At this evening meeting we were all informed what, where and with whom our tasks were going to be for the next day. Other duties that we were given were to do inventory checks. Data collected had to be logged onto the Computer. We needed to keep the lounge clean and the fridge stocked with refreshments. The rota was 4 days on duty then one would get a morning off, you then work another 4 days and you would get an afternoon off. So by the end of the month when I got home I finally realised just how tired I had become. But when you are out there, one may get tired, one does get very tired, but you just get on with it and enjoy it to the full.

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Comments on this photo:

Oct 14 2007 14:24 GMT Poulet PRO
Great shot and story! :))
Oct 14 2007 14:42 GMT Pietje
Beautiful photo .......
Oct 14 2007 16:02 GMT LizSA
Great photo, wonderful information, I just wonder who this place belongs to.
and doing good work with horses, Minz..
and riding horses and elephant...
no thankyou a horse is high enough,, I can never ride a elephant.. LOL Minz..
I can believe that you must have been exhausted when you got home....
with the heat, and the very busy program. and the sunset, I can just imagine
that, specially the African sunsets..... sometimes it is so beautiful, your heart want to break. the beauti of it.
Oct 14 2007 17:21 GMT Lensvision
Wow, what an adventure.
Oct 14 2007 17:42 GMT bertel
amazing what you tell ( and show ) us
Oct 14 2007 20:14 GMT sini
Wonderful shot and story!:)
Oct 14 2007 20:56 GMT u40
super fotka!
Oct 14 2007 21:33 GMT bennystr
Cool capture and series!
Oct 15 2007 00:46 GMT Cascavel
Beautiful kids.
Oct 15 2007 04:55 GMT Squirrel PRO
Very lovely and good photo !
Oct 15 2007 08:38 GMT senna3
I enjoyed reading your report very much Minz!
And as always this picture is excellent!
Oct 15 2007 10:17 GMT deanbed
You get so close, lovely shots, lovely creatures!
Oct 15 2007 14:19 GMT peterpinhole
Beautiful animals and story!
Oct 15 2007 15:35 GMT soldier
Woooowww... lovely wild-life capture my friend! Wonderful serie!
Oct 16 2007 00:20 GMT fhelsing PRO
Thanks for these reports as well as the great pictures!
Oct 16 2007 02:04 GMT Studio88
Very Beautiful Photos and Interesting Story/ Itinerary!!!
Oct 16 2007 08:16 GMT Dorado
Estos Sres, parecen tranquilos
Oct 16 2007 18:52 GMT SIGMUND
Excellent shot my dear friend!!!!
Oct 18 2007 04:41 GMT junsjazz
wonderful images in this lion series!
Nov 12 2007 16:42 GMT EMHL
Excellent series!!!
Nov 12 2007 16:50 GMT Minz PRO
Thank You Everyone !