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Another view of Bird I'd like someone to tell me what it is please?
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Comments on this photo:

Dec 29 2005 15:58 GMT LittleOurkie PRO
Don't know, but he looks mad and cold! :-)
Dec 29 2005 16:02 GMT marijke06
ask Elly, she is very good in these kind of questions.....
nice pics!
Dec 29 2005 16:03 GMT marijke06
maybe a kind of thrush, but he seems so small.....because of the cold?..:)
Dec 29 2005 16:31 GMT montello
Dec 29 2005 17:10 GMT jboia
Beautiful photo...
Dec 29 2005 17:11 GMT Lensvision
I know the name in dutch, Kramsvogel. Maybe someone can translate it.
They are the same size as a blackbird.
Dec 29 2005 17:15 GMT Minz PRO
Elly and Daniel both reckon it is a Field fare, so thanks to them both.
Dec 29 2005 17:32 GMT Elly
Yes Fieldfare is "Kramsvogel" in Dutch. I use www.birdbix.nl to search. It is a Dutch site, but names of birds are in Dutch, English and "Latin" (Scientific)
Dec 29 2005 17:52 GMT starlightfish
don't know what it is...
anyway, very lovely :)
Dec 29 2005 18:32 GMT santolina
My book says it's Turdus iliacus, in Russian belobrovik - white-browed. Blackbird family.
I love him, he's so dear and lovely here!
Dec 29 2005 19:01 GMT mel123uk
I think its called a mistletoe thrush, very apt for the time of year
Dec 29 2005 19:03 GMT mel123uk
oops should have read all comments
Dec 29 2005 21:51 GMT chubster PRO
Babelfish translates "Kramsvogel" as "cramp iron bird".
Typically useful...
Dec 29 2005 22:11 GMT Poulet PRO
Dec 30 2005 00:01 GMT latif
Dec 30 2005 02:04 GMT ranita
Dec 30 2005 02:56 GMT PhotoPro PRO
so many experts, so many answers!
Jan 05 2006 07:01 GMT gijoolee
I don't know if I've ever seen a bird like that before. He sure looks angry. I hope you put some food out for him.
Apr 15 2006 20:50 GMT PaP67
it seems to be a female blackbird "merle " in french