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Masai - One of my cats !
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Comments on this photo:

Aug 14 2007 16:17 GMT kosmos PRO
Masai is very beautiful!
These are lovely pictures of her.
Aug 14 2007 16:32 GMT sini
Beautiful cat and series!:)
Aug 14 2007 17:52 GMT PhotoPro PRO
Hi Masai!!

What a beautiful cat - such lucious fur!
Aug 14 2007 18:04 GMT ETS2
Wonderful pictures!!!!
Aug 14 2007 18:09 GMT Ini
Awe what cute >>
Aug 14 2007 18:26 GMT Ini
RE:Gladly done Mintz..
Aug 14 2007 18:57 GMT Lensvision
What a beauty!!!
Aug 14 2007 19:31 GMT fhelsing PRO
Masai is so lovely!
Aug 14 2007 20:43 GMT bennystr
Beautiful shot as the entire series!
Aug 14 2007 20:45 GMT Snappa
Beautiful series
Aug 14 2007 21:14 GMT PatNolan
Nice looking cat Minz.
Aug 14 2007 22:09 GMT linnywv PRO
So beautiful!
Aug 15 2007 00:32 GMT Milibuh
Purry ...
Aug 15 2007 01:14 GMT LizSA
Hello there Minz.....you have your small breed of kittens with your now...:-)))
I notice you made comments on Molly.... her photo's on Kenya......wonderful...
could you feel the atmosphere.....!!
Aug 15 2007 02:04 GMT elimar
Hi Masai!!!
Aug 15 2007 06:35 GMT senna3
A real beauty and perfectly photographed!
Aug 15 2007 09:35 GMT Ruedi PRO
Cool housetiger!
Aug 15 2007 13:45 GMT SIGMUND
Excellent capture dear Minz!!!
Aug 15 2007 14:04 GMT Kikuso
very nice cat :-)
Aug 15 2007 19:08 GMT Tom33
was he from Africa?
Aug 15 2007 19:31 GMT Faith1
Very cute cat!
Aug 16 2007 14:51 GMT yvon
Shy cat ? beautifull pic.
Aug 17 2007 17:31 GMT Poulet PRO
Very cute cat!

Have a beautiful weekend, Minz! :))
Aug 18 2007 13:29 GMT Minz PRO
No Tom33, Masai is not from Africa, but the local RSPCA here in Scotland
She was clasified as "an unwanted cat" She has brought so much joy and
love into my home and I love her dearly, even tho' she cant stand one of
my other cats.............
Aug 18 2007 14:01 GMT hallo
Beautiful dark cat series!
Aug 18 2007 17:01 GMT Roberto
I am charmed with the cats.
It seems that Masai does not want that fotografien
Aug 18 2007 18:56 GMT will
Great series of Masai..!! You know Minz it's a great coincidence! She could be my 'Motley's' twin sister...and, just this morning I finally put 'Mot' in with 'Red'...because she hates little 'Cheeks' outside, constantly attacking her. She really hates Cheeks. And 'Cheeks' was the first cat, who started up my whole 'cat business' here...Lol...So, I risked putting her in with Red now much as I'm worried about them using the same litterbox etc. Because Red is sick, and actually they all are a little sick. This whole situation I have here is so unbelieveable Minz with these 5 cats now! I feel like a real 'zookeeper' trying to care for them all, especially in this terrible harsh climate! I know I love them all though, and it's why I do it.
Aug 18 2007 19:55 GMT Minz PRO
Yes Will, they do look so similar - Mot and Masai !

I know what you are going through, as Mara lives in fear of Masai and it is such a shame. I am trying slowly to leave doors open, and I have this spray which I show to
Masai and she sure does not like getting a dose of fine water on her. I did not realise
cats were territorial with their boxes, but now you come to mention it .... Same with their feeding bowls, my lot dont like sharing. In fact Masai likes to be eating on her own. We do love our cats dont we? But then they are just such wonderful pets.
Aug 18 2007 19:57 GMT Dorado
Simpatica Gatito
Aug 18 2007 20:07 GMT japed
Wonderful cat and capture!