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Captured Cheetah on Farm in Namibia.
These animals are shot by the farmers, so volunteers help with tracking, darting and collaring any Cheetal, so that their whereabouts are known.
At the same time the animal is given a check over healthwise. One which was captured had escaped from a snare and the damage done was devastating to see. Wounds were all attended to. After-which they are all taken to a safer place to be released.
I spent two weeks working with the Cheetahs on a farm in Namibia.
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Comments on this photo:

Sep 11 2009 18:29 GMT SIGMUND
wow, amazing pic!!!
it should not be pleasant to meet this way with an animal.........
Sep 11 2009 19:03 GMT amyplim
Sep 11 2009 19:29 GMT Foggydew
great image!
Sep 11 2009 20:07 GMT mbz
Sep 12 2009 03:48 GMT beady
It looks angry...good capture
Sep 12 2009 03:49 GMT larrybenedict
I hear these are disappearing at an alarming rate.
Sep 12 2009 05:41 GMT Tavascarow
Excellent documentary.
Sep 12 2009 06:13 GMT senna3
He doesn't like it, very impressive image!
Sep 12 2009 08:40 GMT sini
Impressive teeth!:)
Sep 12 2009 09:48 GMT lunacrout
lovely shot - I do hope it has a happy ending :-)
Sep 12 2009 11:40 GMT clintonfolks
Sep 12 2009 11:50 GMT CH1988
Great photo!
Sep 12 2009 12:57 GMT Studio88
Fabulous Capture ;-)
Sep 12 2009 17:49 GMT cdc PRO
great capture
Sep 12 2009 22:18 GMT PhotoPro PRO
Doesn't look very happy in the cage - does it?

Really glad they are taking these conservation steps.
Sep 12 2009 22:51 GMT verarenm
Very good work with them! Beautiful animal!
Sep 13 2009 00:43 GMT gentletouch PRO
I am always appalled by the wanton destruction of magnificent animals such as these - or any animals for that matter. I'm glad there is something being done to help them. Good photo, BTW.
Sep 13 2009 02:27 GMT DGM
Hello friend!!!! How are you?? Hope everything's fine.:))
Sep 13 2009 06:07 GMT Poria
woooow nice work
Sep 13 2009 08:10 GMT marijke06
scary, impressive...great shot!
Sep 13 2009 08:18 GMT soldier
Lovely and great capture my friend!
Sep 13 2009 08:41 GMT MargNZ
Great conservation and care of these majestic animals .. super photo :)
Sep 13 2009 14:24 GMT magiceye
the guy is furious!
Sep 13 2009 14:37 GMT Minz PRO
Sure was.....
Sep 13 2009 14:50 GMT pauli3522
it is really nice to know that they are people in your country who help those animals...
Sep 13 2009 18:31 GMT olgutt
Sep 13 2009 18:58 GMT LizSA
I am happy to see this fellow captured..... thx to the people that care...
Sep 14 2009 04:36 GMT Lucky222
I second comment by Pauli, nice Job Minz..
Sep 14 2009 15:43 GMT martini957
Down right heartbreaking....although I wouldn't want this animal running freely on my property either, I would be thankful for those who dare to care : ))
Sep 25 2009 03:49 GMT Poulet PRO