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Tags birds snow


Where has all the food gone?
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Comments on this photo:

Jan 03 2006 04:46 GMT pinko

..I don't know!:)..
Jan 03 2006 05:58 GMT poodleshark
Betcha they'd love a block of suet.
Jan 03 2006 06:39 GMT hbla PRO
oh no! tell them to come here, I'll find something for them!
Jan 03 2006 07:52 GMT Kriszti
...Wonderful shot :))
Jan 03 2006 08:59 GMT kosmos PRO
It looks very cold. Hope they got some more food. :)
Jan 03 2006 11:31 GMT Poulet PRO
tell them to fly here !!
we have very warm Winter with around 20-32C !!!!!!!!!!!!! ;))
Jan 03 2006 11:35 GMT Prikthai
20 degreed is nearly freezing. lol.
Jan 03 2006 13:18 GMT StavrosMoforis
Oooh, this is a wonderful winter scene! What ever is to become of these birds??? I hope they'll find some food...
Jan 03 2006 13:22 GMT ashdad PRO
Delightful view!
Jan 03 2006 13:36 GMT PhotoPro PRO
Beautiful scene!
Jan 03 2006 14:50 GMT Ini
Lovely this snow whit all the birdt's !
Jan 03 2006 20:27 GMT moonlily
Great shot :)
Jan 03 2006 21:01 GMT PinkPepperPhoto PRO
You have lots of snow too!! Some of mine is melting.
I think it may have broken part of my beautiful Sage Brush I have out my front door!! Time will tell.
Jan 03 2006 21:20 GMT korni
Beautiful scene!
Jan 03 2006 21:41 GMT lookchile
pobres avecillas !!! buena foto !!
Jan 03 2006 21:49 GMT PennyLane PRO
i always wonder about that. that's why i keep birdfeeders filled at all times :)

nice shot!
Jan 03 2006 22:09 GMT bennystr
Great shot!
Jan 03 2006 22:25 GMT Minz PRO
Oh dear I seem to have mislead everyone - sorry!

My birds are so well fed that my back yard is known as "Birds 5 star Zone" !!!I spend about an hour everyday attending to their feeders, cleaning, defrosting their drinking water etc. etc Anyway rest assured they get fed everyday!
Its just that the snow covered all the small bits of bread and sultanas that were on the ground for them that morning
Jan 03 2006 23:02 GMT lieke
lovely.......very nice atmosphere....and a strong photo
Jan 03 2006 23:19 GMT jceca PRO
prikthai is right!!!!!! this is to cold for me... but, here is the same. :-((
however, you have 3 gorgeous shots here!!!!
Jan 03 2006 23:41 GMT will
You are truly an angel Minz...for caring so well for these birds...and by the look of it they look awfully grateful...!!
Jan 04 2006 06:25 GMT zeem
funny....are the birds real!
Jan 04 2006 13:09 GMT LuisBarbera
great shot...poor birds
Jan 04 2006 16:04 GMT fey
Beautiful!!!! You are lucky to be in that place to capture it>
Jan 05 2006 11:42 GMT steptoe
beautiful i wish i lived there
Jan 06 2006 00:09 GMT Aurelie444
I like!
Jan 29 2006 15:21 GMT nimbus